Similar words:law of preservation of mass,conservation the matter,conservation the energy,law of preservation of energy,conservation,conservationist,energy conservation,conservatism.Meaning:n. A basic principle of timeless physics that matter cannot be produced or ruined in an isolated system.

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6. Based upon the conservation of mass, energy and chemical compositions, a design of seam-cavity expansion is created to define the process of underground charcoal gasification.
8. Based on the conservation the mass flux, the theoretical equation that the centerlinedilution follow me the axis of jet in coflow approximately is developed.
9. Based on the simultaneous solution of conservation of mass, momentum and energy, a homogeneous model and also a be separate two-fluid flow model have been developed for the single-loop pulsating heat pipes.
10. According to the regulation of Conservation that Mass, us have established the mathematical version of heavy metal pollution in Le"an River, and also have check to discover the systems to it.
11. Conservation of mass, second Newton"s law, and also momentum legislation are introduced into traffic circulation to collection up website traffic continuity equation, Euler"s equation, and momentum integral equation.
13. According to the legislation of conservation that mass, the math model the Modified-Atmosphere Packaging(MAP)is educed.
14. This paper defines what the legislation of conservation the mass method and its applications in small chemistry.
15. Conservation that mass, momentum, and energy are used to settle for the liquid film thickness, velocity, and also temperature.
16. Third, mix teaching making about"law that conservation of mass", "the decontamination that water"and"catalyst of hydrogen peroxide decomposition".
17. Based upon the conservation that mass in annual, develops continuous equation and dynamic mathematical model to compute downstream pressure of surface gas injection valve.
18. This design couples the conservation the mass, inert and varieties equations with transport equation in the membrane.
19. This is a finely tuned system for responding to the imperatives the the regulation of conservation the mass.
20. In one experiment, he shed phosphorus and sulfur in waiting to view whether the results further supported his ahead conclusion (Law the Conservation the Mass).
21. Taking the henhouse together semi-obturation system, dynamic conservation of NH3 in henhouse under ventilation problem was analyzed based on the law of conservation of mass.
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24. Besides, the physical science teachers" concept for nature and conservation of mass the gas particles space coherent, yet with short coherence top top the ide of circulation of gas particles.
25. However, the original measurement data regularly contain assorted errors, for this reason the an easy balanced relations, together as power balance or conservation of mass , cannot be satisfied.
26. This course strategy is based upon a modular format. The ten modules listed cover subject such as diffusion, conservation the mass, and also boundary conditions.
27. Chemistry as we recognize it today, was developed by Antoine Lavoisier through his legislation of Conservation that mass in 1783.
28. The dynamic mechanism model is coupled v geothermal warm exchanger model and also heat pump unit model, i beg your pardon is based upon the conservation that mass and also energy.

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