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Vòng Đeo Tay Mặt Hình Ngôi Sao Và Mặt Trăng Thời Trang Cho Nữ đang được bán bởi shop đã được chứng thực nên bạn hoàn toàn co thể one tâm khi mua hàng mà không lo mất tất cả. Hiện đã có 100 sản phẩm được bán ra nên bạn hay nhanh chân lên để chọn lấy sản phẩm xịn nhất nhưng phù hợp với túi tiền, ngoại hình của mình nhất.

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Welcome to our fashion equipment shop! ! !

100% novel and also high quality.

product information:

1. Color: silver

2. Weight: 15g

3. Size: recommendation picture

4. Material: Alloy

Accessories perfect for scenes: weddings, parties, banquets, appointments, outings, date of birth gifts, etc.

A must-have device for taking photos and also going out

The finishing touch that personality

Chic, fresh and lovely

Simple, compact and also exquisite

Daily accessories for young girls

Q: will certainly alloy jewel be allergic?

A: Every human body is different, and also allergens are likewise different. Some special physiques space allergic to many metals. Even pure gold and also silver may additionally be allergic. Our commodities are from our very own factory. All accessories are made the anti-allergic alloys, i beg your pardon are perfect for pure Most people wear it.

Q: how to preserve alloy jewelry?


1. Keep it dried as much as possible, clean it up after wearing it and also store the well, which can extend the life of the jewelry.

2. Prevent wearing the in call with sweat, and avoid wearing the under sweating as lot as possible. ~ wearing it, clean it with a silver cloth and also put that in a zipper bag to seal it to protect against air contact.

3. Protect against mixed and also exposed warehouse of various accessories, i m sorry are much more likely to reason scratches and also oxidation.

Various commodities can be an unified and delivered, free shipping on complete amount, and high-value cash coupons can be deducted.

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The dimensions room all manually measured and also there will certainly be slim errors. early out to components such together the display and the shooting irradiate source, there is a slight shade difference in between the photo and the yes, really product. Please refer to the yes, really product.
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