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vòng cổ Mạ Vàng 18k Hình Cỏ Bốn Lá 4 Lá Xinh Xắn đang được bán bởi shop đã được chứng thực nên bạn hoàn toàn co thể an tâm khi mua hàng mà không lo mất tất cả. Hiện đã có 100 sản phẩm được bán ra nên bạn hay nhanh chân lên để chọn lấy sản phẩm xịn nhất nhưng phù hợp với túi tiền, ngoại hình của mình nhất.

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prepared STOCK

100% brand-new and High Quality.


Type: pendant

Material: Brass with genuine gold plated

⭐We will certainly provide free chain. Expect you favor it. O(∩_∩)O

Gender: Women, Girl, students

Style: Korean, Beauty, Cute

Occasions: Party, Banquet, Dating, daily, Cocktail, etc

Features: Charming,Simple Design,Korean

A beautiful gift because that yourself, girlfriend, mother, granny or friends


High top quality Jewelry

️ continually pay fist to our shop surprise

️ assets in our shop space 100% brand-new and high quality.

The crystal zircon is imported indigenous Austria

German mirror sprucing up technology

Chain buckle imported indigenous Italy

Chain material: alloy plated with actual gold or platinum.

Delivery around 1-2 weeks ️

Packages that have been sent out

can not be reverted

️cannot cancel the bespeak ️

So if you want to publication the order or change, pls call us prior to shipping

If you have an excellent suggestions because that us, we will improve!


1.There is a little difference follow to hands-on measurement,please check the measurement chart carefully prior to you buy the item.

2.Please note that slight color difference need to be acceptable due to the light and also screen.

After sale:

1.If you have some trouble with the item which you got , please call us an initial ,thank you

2.When you obtained the parcel and give the item five stars review , girlfriend can get a voucher that you have the right to use in your next order ~

If there is any kind of question, pls feel complimentary to call us.

Please perform not hesitate to call us and make one order.


Jewelry maintenance

1. Keep away from chemicals

2. The exact same jewelry must not it is in worn for a lengthy time

3. Eliminate jewelry prior to bathing or swimming

4. Avoid wearing once sweating a lot

5. Prevent wearing while sleeping

6. Deserve to be put together with anti-oxidation paper

7. Jewelry need to avoid contact with chemistry (such together perfume, cosmetics, skin care products, bleach, etc.)

8. That is recommended to avoid wearing jewel for sports (such together running, swimming, etc.)

9. Clean with a silver sprucing up cloth, which deserve to instantly gain back the luster of silver- jewelry, yet the polishing cloth cannot remove scratches

10. Avoid solid collisions to protect against scratches and also deformation.

Thank you for your time.

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