Knott"s Scary farm yard is earlier for 2021, and it came ago with a vengeance. There room so countless scare actors and also toadally cool special effects. Perhaps it"s simply us arising from the fog and appreciating Halloween occasions after missing 2020, but Knott"s Scary farm yard 2021 feeling like one of the ideal Scary Farm occasions yet!

Knott"s Scary Farm has scared southern Californians long before Universal Studios Halloween horror Nights. The Orange County counterpart — Disneyland — has only freshly started the much gentler Mickey’s Halloween Party (now the Oogie Boogie Bash, together of 2019) and also Halloween Time at Disneyland. Knott’s Berry Farm placed on the world’s first theme park Halloween Haunt event in 1973. Its popular rose like cemetery fog at night, making the the industry standard and also largest Halloween occasion in southerly California. In 2021, Knott’s Scary farm yard celebrates its 48th year of bringing nightmares come life.

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Knott"s Scary farm yard 2021 operation on select nights native Sept. 16 through Oct. 31. There"s a brand-new scare zone and a brand-new maze, to add several brand-new shows have crept in this year. We likewise have returning mazes come enjoy, some with brand-new scenes. The scare zones take end the whole park! you can shot but you can"t hide in ~ Knott"s Scary Farm. What to adjust this park personally from every one of the compete is the you"ll uncover no escape. Terror creeps into every corner for a totally immersive, heart-pounding experience. Over there is nothing choose the Knott"s Scary farm yard Ghost town scare zone with monsters emerging from the fog, creeping increase on you and also scuttling on the ground.

The fear zones space loosely defined and spread throughout the streets. This keeps girlfriend disoriented together you never recognize when a creature will certainly sneak increase on friend — or fairly — slide the end at you through shrieks, scrapes and sparks. You may be eyeing the monster in prior of girlfriend while one more is sneaking increase from behind and also snorting in your ear to send girlfriend jumping in the air!

While Knott"s could change its face-covering policy, masks are at this time not compelled outdoors but are required indoors for unvaccinated guests. Throughout our visit, we"d to speak 95 percent of guests determined to cover their mouth and nose indoors and also many were masked outdoors, together well.

Want to gain a feeling of what Knott"s Scary farm yard is like? ours 2021 compilation video clip can assist you decide if your heart or young teen can handle it.

When to Visit Knott’s Scary farm yard 2021

Knott’s Scary farm is a individually ticketed occasion that operation on pick nights. In 2021, it runs from Sept. 16 come Nov. 2. That operates native 7 p.m. Come 1 a.m. On choose Thursdays and Sundays, and also from 7 p.m. Come 2 a.m. On choose Fridays and Saturdays.

Knott"s Scary farm 2021 dates:

Sept. 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30 Oct. 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31

Generally, crowds room lower previously in the season and on Thursday and also Sunday nights. Grab a map by the entrance for every one of the showtimes, fear zones, restaurants and maze locations.

Knott"s Scary farm yard 2021 Tickets

Tickets because that Knott"s Scary farm yard 2021 tickets went on revenue Aug. 16, 2021. You"ll discover a range of ticket options, plus hotel packages that incorporate admission. The prices vary based upon the date and also have added taxes and also fees. You want to purchase online at least 24 hrs in development to save off the front gate price. Over there is likewise a processing fee of $6.99. There are discounts for annual passholders and for active, inactive and retired armed forces members with ID.

If you deserve to arrive early, treat you yourself to the Boo-fet dinner. To fill up with endless portions the signature Knott’s entrees and desserts v a souvenir bottle. The menu includes Knott’s classics such as Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken, a chef carving station, boysenberry pie and also more. Diners gain one digital photograph download through a monster in ~ the Boo-fet. Boo-fet diners receive early entry to select mazes and also attractions (at 6:30 p.m.). Boo-fet guests will also have to exclude, monster photo methods before the park opens to the basic public. Check-in have the right to be scary long, so you"ll want to book very early time and also arrive early. Other guests have recommended eating at the Knott"s Hotel location.

Here"s a look in ~ 2021 tickets and add-on choices (offerings and availability may adjust as the season progresses):

solitary night (from $50 to $72 at the very least 24 hrs in advance). Girlfriend can include on some of the listed below items before checkout. Fright lane & quick Lane ($99 come $125, however does not incorporate admission). Contains unlimited priority access to all mazes and Fast roadway rides. Boo-fet dinner ($45 to add taxes and fees add-on to her Scary farm yard ticket) 2021 souvenir party (online price $13.99 add-on versus gate price the $16) 2021 solitary Day Funpix valid v Dec. 21, 2021 ($29.99) virtual pre-paid parking is $25 (not valid prior to 4 p.m.) If you have actually season parking top top a season pass, you can use the pass to park.

We recommend adding Fright roadway & fast Lane if the is within her budget. There room a the majority of mazes, therefore it helps to skip the lines. However, the lines space not as horrific as global Horror Nights, therefore a Fright Lane pass is no absolutely necessary. If you want to do it all and also want come ride the roller coasters, then include the Fright roadway & rapid Lane. On ours visit, we were maybe to obtain through every maze and ride number of roller coasters v the Fright lane & fast Lane pass. Generally, all thrill rides room open during Knott"s Scary Farm other than for booked ride closures.

What are the fast Lane rides? all thrill rides that space not right now closed because that refurbishment are open. This rides offer fast Lane throughout Knott"s Scary Farm:

GhostRider shore Rider Jaguar! Montezooma’s Revenge silver- Bullet Pony Express supreme Scream Sierra Sidewinder Xcelerator Knott"s Bear-y Tales: go back to the fair Calico Mine drive Calico flow Rapids La Revolucion Timber hill Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny — This standard log ride gets a Scary farm yard layover each year. Guests venture past the Calico Coffin Creeper Band, the town’s green Witch and splash down Skull mountain through a labyrinth that jack-o-lanterns. It"s all set around an initial song perform by Krazy Kirk and also the Hillbillies.

Rides without rapid Lane are:

Sol rotate WaveSwinger Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars

Knott’s Scary farm 2021 scare Zones

There is no fear zone choose a Knott"s Scary farm yard scare zone. V creatures emerging from the fog and shadows, you can feel your heart thumping as you shot to make it through.

Expect to encounter varying creatures in plenty of dreadful ways. Some sneak up on you quietly, while others slide the end at friend or have actually noisemaking devices to startling you out of her skin. If you are afraid the monsters, it"s together if they can smell your fear and also they will certainly target you. There room five complete scare area for 2021. All 4 scare area from Knott"s Scary farm yard 2019 space re-emerging native the grave in 2021, to add a new one arrives.

Forsaken Lake — This sinister scare zone oozes into the park this year. Forsaken Lake unleashes gothic creatures to food on victims to drag earlier to their watery graves. Somber music adds extra creepiness to this scare zone. Think 1800s funeral songs from brand-new Orleans mashed with modern heavy metal.  Ghost Town roadways — This is where it every began, with half-human, half-animal monsters arising from the fog. The number of monsters in this area is terrifying — us love it! CarnEVIL — The freak display is the main event of this demented circus. No clowning approximately here. The hollow — Beware the Pumpkin Eater that prowls this dark scare zone. From within the fog, the witches the the Hollow and also their army of the undead unleash a regime of terror together they gear up for fight with the witch hunter. Gore-ing 20s (new!) — take a fog-filled expedition down storage lane come the Gore-ing 20s. This dark time has actually otherworldly musicians playing the music the the damned and also gangsters running illicit hooch because that ghostly revelers. Can you reject the devil"s elixir? This themed zone to be fun and also maybe less scary with a most personality.

If girlfriend get at an early stage Entry with a Boo-fet dinner, you can see all the monsters together they room released right into the park close to the yellow Trails Hotel in ~ 7 p.m. If you favor to lull your means into the terror, this is a an excellent way to gently walk forward right into that ghoulish night while the is still irradiate outside. If you do not have early entry access but desire to view the monsters released, obtain to the park front entrances by 5:30 p.m. And make your way to the roped area once you acquire in the park.

Knott’s Scary farm yard 2021 Mazes

One new mesmerizing maze debuted:

Mesmer: Sideshow that the Mind

The hypnotist Mesmer and his sinister sideshow take regulate of your mind in his canvas tent. Girlfriend heed every native of his command. The pries right into your thoughts to i found it your an enig fears. You"ll descend right into madness, torture and also eerie enlightenment. The is there the you discover grotesque secrets concealed as girlfriend brave your means through the terrifying show.

Mesmer deserve to hypnotize someone at the minute of your death and also control their mind as if they were a zombie. His hoard that circus freaks is roaming the maze in search of new victims. Clock in the first scene as Mesmer demonstrates his hypnotic skills. Climate each room will present a different hypnotic technique. The victims? other sideshow acts. Hear for Mesmer"s voice throughout the maze, however do no succumb to his evil powers.

So allow me say, WOW! This maze is mesmerizing. There to be a relocating walkway and also moving collection pieces. The fear actors were great. Gift the only brand-new maze, a line does form, but this maze is toadally worth it. If you arrive by the event"s opened time, head below first. It"s situated in the ago corner that the park In the CarnEVIL fear zone by Xcelerator.

Seven return Mazes

Seven mazes brought over indigenous 2019 (kind of like that recurring nightmare you can"t escape), along with a couple of new horrors and also effects.

The returning mazes for 2021 are:

Origins — The Curse the Calico

Find out what wake up when classic Knott"s Scary Farm facets are combined, such as the Ghost city Streets and The Hanging, into a maze. The witch has actually been hunted and also sentenced to be hanged. As they placed the noose roughly her neck, she spits out a curse top top the town prior to she disappears. And also this is whereby we stepped into the story, as the curse unleashes the concealed demons and monsters that the Calico citizens. The special impacts (from water to fog, to electrics, to flying effects) left united state spellbound once again. It"s a good and popular maze. Visit early on or late. The consistent line starts in the Ghost city cemetery.

This returning 2019 maze is tho a big favorite through our frog squad. The entertainment through actors external of the maze immerses you into the story and the scares within the maze are legit. There"s even a moment in i beg your pardon the witch defies gravity.

Wax Works

Step into the creepy wax museum, yet beware the the back room, wherein patrons just can become component of the masterpiece. It"s rumored the blood-curdling screams deserve to be heard echoing with the halls together victims are submerged right into a scalding cauldron the bubbling wax. Nothing deserve to hold a candle to Wax Works. The looming façade was large and the artwork spectacular. Us encountered the horribly disfigured artist, Dr. Augustus Scratch, trying to find fresh materials to make his following creation. We favored this maze much much better in 2021 than we walk in 2019, with brand-new scenes and improved collection pieces. This maze had a brief wait roughly 11 p.m. And also it is also accessible during early entry.

The Depths

This 2018 and also 2019 maze is resurfacing, moving you to an abandoned port village, where ancient creatures lurk inside underground caves. A mining crew has mysteriously disappeared into the eerie tunnels under the town. Go the crew satisfy their death at the hand the vicious cave-dwellers? room you ready to journey into the dark, wet caverns to follow the crew’s path into The Depths? it is in warned! Nobody that has gone into has ever before resurfaced. Wait because that it … this maze incorporates part mesmerizing water effects. We still love this maze during its 3rd year, and it had a very short line roughly 10:45 p.m. That is also open during early entry.

Dark Entities

Enter the third year of this maze for an extraterrestrial experience, a kingdom of absolute darkness. A lone an are station deals with unimaginable dark reality looking for brand-new hosts come invade. Its force increases as it feeds on its victims. Have the right to you escape the dark entities before their deadly force eliminates you and all other life develops aboard the station? Time is running out! This maze has actually cool lighting and also other aspects we uncovered fun. Too negative it"s a one-way trip. There was a short line later on in the night, and also this maze is open throughout early entry.

Dark Ride: castle of Chaos

Step into an exit carnival ride the has become a refuge for sideshow freaks and also shunned performers. They hide in the shadows, waiting to terrorize those who dare enter the when pleasant ride. There are plenty of scary circus freaks come freak you out in this maze through some new actors joining the drama the plays out.

Pumpkin Eater

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater,

Had a wife and also couldn’t save her;

He put her in a pumpkin shell,

And over there he preserved her an extremely well.

This creepy nursery luck stems indigenous a legend the the male who eliminated his unfaithful wife and also hid her body parts in a pumpkin. The infamous 7-foot-tall pumpkin-eater is top top the prowl, lurking in the dark shadows that this maze. Come escape his wrath and hunger to kill, you will do it pass through a silent city of victims, get in the bowels the a giant pumpkin, do your way through the gooey, wet pumpkin guts and also solve a labyrinth that thorns the block your escape.

Pumpkin Eater to be our favourite maze of 2017, and also it quiet ranks yes, really high. You"ll want to visit later in the night for the shortest wait. It is situated in The hollow scare zone simply inside the entrance to the park. We uncovered this maze through a quick wait about 11 p.m., so many guests have actually moved away from the park enntrance gate by this point, making a great later visit as soon as other mazes have actually long waits. As with pumpkin pie is a good way to end a meal, Pumpkin Eater makes a perfect ending maze to hit before you exit.

Paranormal, Inc. 

Featuring high-flying aerial stunts and scares, Paranormal, Inc. Sends out guests right into an examination of a haunted hospital wherein the patients were tortured for decades by deranged doctors and also nurses. Demonic soul of the murdered victims have been detected throughout the secret halls, while evil medical staff prowl for new patients come torture.

There to be some interesting bungee moves in this maze for a fun surprise. Also, things seem to be moving. Space the walls closing in on you? Brace you yourself for an all-new ending that"s guarantee to send girlfriend screaming out the door. Also though we’ve been with the past Paranormal mazes, it has a most really fun elements (with scare actors dropping in indigenous above) and special results that do it a can not miss. This maze had actually a longer line this year 보다 its neighboring mazes, however it"s worth it. It and the neighboring mazes open at 6:30 p.m. Because that guests with beforehand entry. This maze has been approximately a couple of years, yet it"s quiet toadally worth walking through. We were said this is its last season, therefore go with for one last trip.

Knott"s Scary farm yard Must-See Shows and Entertainment

When you need a break from the mazes and terrifying fear zones, shows deserve to offer some comic relief. There space several brand-new shows, as well as some return entertainment.

Puppet Up! — Uncensored

The improvisational adult puppet show, Brian Henson"s Puppet Up! — Uncensored returns for 2021. Audience members can offer suggestions that the puppeteers should act out v puppets onstage for zany and also unpredictable fun. The next screens display the actual puppet show, but the audience can additionally see the puppeteers on phase working their magic and also comedy for an uncensored check out of what yes, really goes on. Showtimes room at 8:30 p.m., 10 p.m. And also 11:30 p.m.

Into the Fog: A Scary farm yard Tribute art Show

The art present for diehard Scary farm yard fans returns through one-of-a-kind arts from various artists from across the country. Girlfriend can discover it in ~ Cordy"s Corner, come the left that the Charles M. Schulz Theatre. It’s likewise a great place to choose up Knott’s Scary farm apparel and also other funny souvenirs.

Invitation to Terror (New!)

This brand-new digital illusion horror present is collection in Calico in 1986. Millionaire Tom Shackleford is set to unveil a secret project that will adjust the world. This killer party is filled with terrifying surprises you will certainly not see coming. We loved the 1986 humorous look in ~ the future and also special results of this show. The chair to rest our worn down legs and also air conditioning were a purely blissful bonus. The display runs around every 20 minutes.

Wicked north (New!)

An evil hag native the Hollows master a percussion ritual to awaken the dead. It"s sure to raise your spirits.

Doce de la Noche (New!)

At the hit of midnight, head to the Fiesta village stage come dance her feet off to high-energy music and electric dancers.

Carnaval Du Grotesque (New!)

Live bands set the sound come the creepiest company of performers to ever disgrace the stage. A cover band plays ~ above the website of the former Hanging show. A small "Enter Sandman" fits the Scary farm mood perfectly, IMO.

The Hanging is officially dead (but may return come its wicked root as an ext of a display moment fairly than a full display in future years).

For numerous years, Knott’s fans have actually looked forward to The Hanging display in Calico Square. Because the so late 1980s, it"s been a killer comedy and also stunt present that is rife with pop culture references and also ends in slaughtering and also hanging celebrity criminal of the worst kind. But before that, the show featured a woman that was hanged for being a witch. Together her story developed, Calico resident buy it Marshall transformed right into the green Witch top top the gallows. She cursed she neighbors, transforming them into monsters, and also vanished in a puff that smoke.

The green Witch reappeared in mazes over the past few years, and also her prequel backstory to be featured in a brand-new maze in 2019: origins — The Curse that Calico. She additionally appeared in the 2019 variation of The Hanging. We will see if a display moment hoppens in 2022.

Terrifying Tips because that Knott’s Scary farm 2021

If you desire to see and do that all and make it v the night, right here are our top tips:

to buy the Fright Lane pass so you have the right to skip the lines for mazes and also rides through unlimited accessibility (we were able to visit every mazes and several roller coasters v Fright Lane). Buy online early to conserve off front gate prices (online may be the only ticket option) and guarantee they don’t sell out the night you want to visit. World are all set for Knott"s Scary Farm"s return, so tickets for famous nights may sell out early. Leave youngsters under period 13 at house unless they absolutely love horror. Inspect the weather and also dress in layers. Come early. If friend have early Entry through the Boo-fet, you have the right to enjoy the unleashing that the monsters together you enter. Girlfriend can access four mazes: Wax Works, The Depths, Paranormal, Inc. And also Dark reality 30 minutes prior to the crowds have the right to enter. Arrive at an early stage for the Boo-fet. Check-in can be a lengthy process. There space no an ext physical maps. Scan the QR code for the map and the Knott"s Berry farm yard app.

If you can not get at an early stage Entry, start your journey far from the Ghost town mazes, i beg your pardon were many crowded ~ above opening however got shorter as the night wore on. Us recommend hitting Mesmer or origins early. Stay hydrated! every one of the screaming and walking can dry you out. Invest time in the Ghost Town roads scare zone. Timber mountain Log ride Halloween Hootenanny is a family-friendly layover for both daytime and night. We did not check out scare actors this year.

Frighteningly very delicious Food in ~ Knott’s Scary farm yard 2021

There room some fun and also freaky foods obtainable throughout the park throughout Knott’s Scary Farm. Store your eye peeled for special food selection items, such together Mummy dog at Fiesta Dogs and also the ever-so-terrifying Freaky Frog legs at strict on a stick (no, we no partake). Us did, however, reap a Bobbing for Apple Macaron that had caramel inside (so good!) and candy corn trifle (both from Charleston one Coffe), and also Murderous Midnight funnel cake v blueberry topping and also gummy human body parts.

Rules because that Knott’s Scary farm yard 2021

While over there is no tough list that rules, masks room recommended at home for all guests. It"s an excellent to exercise some great conduct and also common sense. Arrive early because parking traffic have the right to be a life nightmare. Leave costume masks in ~ home and leave the scare methods to the scare actors. No touching! fear actors space not allowed to touch you, and also you room not allowed to touch or mistreat them. However, some creatures may obtain pretty close and snort or blow in your ear because that extra creeps. Prevent flash photography. No heat jumping is allowed. Get in Knott’s Scary farm yard at your own risk — there are no refunds or re-entry. Many of all, enjoy yourself in ~ the initial Halloween layout park event that started them all!

Can youngsters Attend?

Even though Knott’s Scary farm is a many fun, it’s no for everyone. The is recommended just for brave guest 13 and also up (although we did encounter part young children who LOVE monsters and enjoyed it ... They are the exception to the rule). If you have little ones, we recommend you lug them rather to the kid-friendly Halloween festivities at Knott"s Spooky farm on weekends start Sept. 25 and also through Halloween day. You can buy discounted daytime Knott’s Berry farm yard tickets from your favorite frogs appropriate here.

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Knott’s Spooky farm is a daytime occasion for children ages 3 come 11. That is consisted of with constant admission to Knott’s Berry Farm and also takes place from park opening until 5 p.m. Youngsters can dress in costume, get involved in a costume cavalcade, view shows and even walk trick-or-treating in Ghost Town.

What questions perform you have around Knott"s Scary Farm? re-publishing in the comments below!