Keyblades room endemic come the Kingdom hearts franchise, and also in the brand-new ReMIND DLC there room two one-of-a-kind keyblades that await the most curious players.

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oblivion keyblade kingdom understanding 3 dlc remind
The recent release the the Re:Mind DLC project in Kingdom hearts 3 has unleashed a new campaign the players are seizing with open arms. Aside from the usual an insect fixes and game enhancements, the Re:Mind DLC has likewise brought through it a same share the puzzles and secrets because that players that are eager come explore and also discover every corner of the game.

most notable that these new secrets space the two brand-new and tremendously an effective Keyblades, likewise known as the signature tools of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. These two Keyblades space returning from previous entries of the franchise, and are dubbed Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Yet the video game will not simply hand these tools to Kingdom mind 3 players, and getting lock will certainly involve some work.

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To gain the Keyblade Oathkeeper, Kingdom hearts 3 players will require to find all 90 happy Emblems that space strewn transparent the assorted levels of the game. Accomplishing this will an outcome in players gift gifted the "Proof that Promises" item. When players have derived this item, every they need to do is make their method to the Moogle Shop and simply profession it in.

then they"ll own the Oathkeeper Keyblade, things that share a name with one more popular knife in popular music culture. Oathkeeper boasts the kind changes Light kind and dual Form OKP, as well as the abilities MP Converter and Situation Boost. The Keyblade"s basic stats encompass 7 strength and also 8 magic.

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oathkeeper remind dlc kingdom understanding 3 secret


Some Kingdom hearts 3 players think that gaining the Oblivion Keyblade is much less tedious than acquiring the Oathkeeper Keyblade. It is, however, far an ext challenging. To get the item essential to do the trade at the Moogle Shop, players must an initial beat the game"s Critical difficulty mode. As many Kingdom hearts 3 players have the right to attest to, this is no simple feat.

The reward for beating the Critical challenge mode is an item called "Proof of times Past." similar to the "Proof that Promises" item, Kingdom hearts 3 players have to make their way to the Moogle shop. After ~ trading the in, players will possess the Oblivion Keyblade.

together for Oblivion"s stats, the base stats are 8 strength, 7 magic. The Formchanges include Dark form and double Form OBV. Lastly, the abilities of the blade as encompass HP Converter and also Situation Boost.