Jason Aldean and also Kelly Clarkson photograph Credit: www.youtube.comJason Aldean and also Kelly Clarkson’s duet is thought about to be among the greatest country duets of all time. “Don’t you Wanna Stay” is a track penned through songwriters Andy Gibson, Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins in 2009. The song tells the story that a guy trying to conserve his connection with the mrs he loves.

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The make of “Don’t friend Wanna Stay”

The songwriters created “Don’t you Wanna Stay” at Jenkins’ house. They had some concepts of what to write and they created a love song. Gibson was claimed to record the song. However, when they confirmed the song to Aldean, he came to be interested in it. “Don’t you Wanna Stay” was intended to be videotaped as a solo, no a duet but Aldean thinks the the track was supposed to it is in a duet. Aldean’s an initial choice to be Kelly Clarkson. Therefore, he taped the track with Clarkson because that his studio album My Kinda Party in 2010. Moreover, the two artists performed the track live on the 44th CMA award show top top the same year.

Chart Performance and also Awards

Aldean’s single reached No. 1 top top the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart. In addition, it put at No. 3 on the Adult Contemporary chart and also the song additionally crossed end to the Billboard warm 100 in ~ No. 31. His song was double Platinum certified through RIAA in 2012. Next from gift certified by RIAA and also reaching the Billboard chart, “Don’t girlfriend Wanna Stay” to be nominated and also won various awards from various award shows. In 2010, CMT nominated Aldean’s track for Collaborative video of the Year. Moreover, the tune won throughout the CMA award present for Musical event of the Year and also was additionally nominated because that Single that the Year. In 2011, throughout the 54th Grammy compensation show “Don’t you Wanna Stay” was nominated.

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It is not just Aldean’s song that performed well on the chart and also gained a the majority of attention. His album My Kinda Party also reached No. 1 top top the Billboard Top country Album chart. In addition, the peaked in ~ No. 2 ~ above the us Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the elevation Albums chart. Furthermore, his album to be 4x Platinum-certified by RIAA. Five of his singles on his album gone into the Billboard chart and also are every certified through RIAA.

Listen come Jason Aldean and also Kelly Clarkson’s award-winning teamwork with the tune “Don’t girlfriend Wanna Stay.”