Cash, Perkins, Jackson -- lock were all legends, castle were every young, and also the at an early stage tours were unforgettably cool

Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, December 4, 1956 (HarperCollins/Getty/Michael Ochs Archives)
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Jerry Lee Lewis go not understand where the was, precisely, just somewhere in Canada. The caravan thundered under highways that were proper there, the roadbed eaten by permafrost, the gravel flying choose buckshot versus the bottom of the large cars. There to be a lengthy Lincoln Continental, a Fleetwood Cadillac, a mean-looking Hudson Hornet, and also a brand-new Buick Supreme; the was new for just a thousand miles or so, it spins the potholes acquired it. The big sedans could have been various colors, once, however now lock were all a uniform gray, the color of the blowing dust. Jerry Lee speak in the passenger chair of the Buick, noble of this an excellent distance in between crowds and also applause, 6 hundred, 7 hundred miles a day. “I didn’t drive. . . . Ns was payment to beat piano and also sing. Stars nothing drive.” Instead, he check out Superman, or supplied a tobacco lighter to fire up one cherry bomb after another and also flung them the end the fifty percent window to explode under the rolling cars.

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“That an initial tour was me, Johnny, and also Carl, and Sonny James, Marvin Rainwater, Wanda Jackson. We placed eighty, ninety thousand mile on the Buick, across Canada, throughout everywhere . . . Cram cherry bombs the entirety way.” occasionally he let go high and also the cherry bombs exploded versus windshields or top top the hoods, and also Johnny and also Carl would certainly curse the mightily, curse unheard, yet one time that misjudged and the cherry bomb bounced off a home window frame and into J. W.’s lap, and J. W.’s screams echoed inside the Buick because that a great long while, much longer than to be seemly because that a man. They might have offered a chaperone, every one of them, or a warden. The lead car was jammed v drum kits, guitar cases, and sharp-cut jackets and also two-tone shoes. The just other provisions lock packed were whiskey, cherry bombs, and also comic books.

He cannot really remember every the small cities and towns they traveled through, not also the name on the roadway signs, only the vast, empty spaces in between. They would go 2 hundred miles or an ext and not watch a cafe or a motel. “We’d prevent at a store and also get part Vienna sausages and bologna and bread and pickles and also mustard, and pull end to the side of the road and also have a picnic. . . . Calgary, that was one of the places. Quebec. Castle went stunner in Quebec. Pulled their costume up.”

To the owner of the motels and also truck stops, it must have seemed choose the lunatics had actually wandered off the path, had stolen some good cars, and were terrorizing the countryside. “Johnny come in my room and saw this tiny bitty tv in there, and also he said, ‘You know, mine wife’s constantly wanted among them.’ and I said him, ‘Fine, walk steal one indigenous your own room.’ ” and also it went that way, eight hundred, ripe hundred miles a day, fifty percent drunk, pill crazy, larcenous, and destructive and beset by loosened women and fits the temper, and it to be perfect.

“We had some great fights,” claims Jerry Lee. “A great fight just cleared the air.”

Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash had begun the tourism as headliners. They were still the large names at sunlight then and, Sam Phillips believed, his ideal moneymaking ventures. The problem was this newcomer, this blond-haired kid, that did not know his place and also had no governor on his mouth, and in together close proximity, they could not track him out and also could no run away and also could not kill him, either, though they taken into consideration it. He also had the gall to suggest, as the days wore on, he have to close the shows, him with just two documents cut and also shipped and not also one however on the charts. Who, they wonder aloud, did the Louisiana pissant think the was?

They were starting to call the music “rockabilly” now, however the boy refused to label himself together that, come endorse any kind of kinship through that hillbilly-heavy blues that offered so well in any town through a tractor dealership top top its main drag. To Jerry Lee, the word was denigrating, something implemented on these nation boys and also their music through the outside world. “I wasn’t no rockabilly,” the says, “I to be rock and roll.” Carl was pure rockabilly—“Blue Suede Shoes” was the music’s anthem—and Johnny, the storyteller, was more country than many young rock and also rollers aspired to be, despite his “Get Rhythm” rocked out an excellent and strong, as Jerry Lee recalls. The audience loved all of it, bought tickets by the handful and also just relocated to it, man, since it do old, classic country music seem favor the document player was also slow, and in city after city they inside wall up, hungry. But increasingly, as his stage existence swelled and swelled, it was Jerry Lee who produced the excitement, who got them dancing, and so the demanded more and an ext of the spotlight. That was, that believed, just his due.

More 보다 one music fan, an ext than one historian of rock and roll, have actually wished because that a time machine, simply so they might travel earlier to this one time, this one tour, come wedge into those pack auditoriums ~ above the huge plains and also in the Canadian Rockies, to view it all take place the way it did, to view Jerry Lee Lewis and also Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, young and raw and wild, to sing into big Art Deco microphones the looked choose something the shook loosened off the hood of one Oldsmobile, on stages scarred by a million metal folding chairs, in auditoriums where following week the featured attraction would be a high school manufacturing of The seller of Venice.

* * *

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, native Maud, Oklahoma, the the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda...” and also before the announcer could even gain it out, the crowd to be hollering and hooting—with here and there a wolf whistle or two—as Wanda Jackson come out native the wings in high, high heels, hips swinging complimentary and easy choose she walked that method going come the mailbox. She had not a make a sound yet, and currently the loggers, drillers, and insurance guys were beginning to sweat. This was no cowgirl. Her costume were fringed, come accentuate she flying hips, and low-cut, to emphasize something else, and also her legs to be slim and perfect and her waist was so tiny a huge man can encircle it with his two large hands. Her large hair was dark brown and also flowing, and her large eyes were framed through a starlet’s arched eyebrows; she to be a goddess v a voice choose a beast, and also she growled as she sang that a hardheaded mrs is a mandrel in the next of a man.

That was difficult to follow. However here come Sonny James the Hackleburg, Alabama, striding the end in his western suit, a thin, dark-haired guy who had survived the korean War, singing a love track of the ages. “Young Love” was the song, and also it no the words the made the lovely but how he did it, favor smoke ~ above velvet.

Next come that good-looking Marvin Rainwater, who wore a fringed buckskin shirt and also a headband onstage, because he was one-quarter Cherokee. That sang in deep baritone around how he was “gonna find him a bluebird, allow it song all night long.” He was a mellow singer, a balladeer, and smoothed the end the crowd prior to the genuine headliners came on, the boys from the floor of the climbing Sun.

First came Carl Perkins, in his too-tight pants and also pointy sideburns, and also he let it rip:

Well, that one because that the money

Two for the present . . .

Through pressure of will, Jerry Lee had climbed up the bill and also over and also straight through Carl, till currently there was just Johnny Cash, in his elegant, somber black, hovering just above him top top the marquee. That night, there had been the usual dispute over who would close the show. Johnny, through the bigger name and a track on the charts, had the promoters ~ above his side: he obtained top billing, which meant he had to follow Jerry Lee. But first Jerry Lee had actually to surrender the stage.

The phase had end up being a type of activities for Jerry Lee, and also he was the foolish scientist. Onstage he mixed and matched songs and also versions that songs, stitched together some parts and also discarded others; due to the fact that he was Jerry Lee, he did what he felt choose in the moment, in a set that was an alleged to be 4 or so songs, but he ignored that, too. He provided them “Crazy Arms” one minute and also “Big-Legged Woman” the next, and they clapped to one and stomped and also howled come the other. His present got wilder and increasingly wicked on that tour, and also the audiences bellowed for encores. He had heard the Canadians to be earnest, booked people, yet he must have heard wrong. Much more and more he was start to understand that, while the music was at the core, that was simply the begin of it. Putting on a show was prefer flipping the move on Frankenstein’s monster, then watching it present the an initial twitching indicators of life. “You obtained to dress right, act right, bring yourself right; that all had actually to come together.”

The good-looking part, well, God had handled that. But you had actually to use it. His hair, by now, had actually become nearly like another instrument. Under the lights, it really did shine choose burnished gold, and at the start of a display it was oiled down and also slicked back, and also he looked respectable, prefer a tricked-out frat boy or preacher’s kid. Yet on the rocking songs, that slung his head roughly like a wild man, and that hair came unbound; it hung down across his face, and also that simply did something come the women—and their screams did something come the crowd, and also things just gained kind that squirrely. Together it come unbound, the waves turned into tangled curls and also ringlets, and it appeared to have actually a life of its own, a wicked thing, like Medusa herself. Sometimes he would certainly whip the end a comb onstage and shot to comb it back under control, however it was too wild to tame. “I to be the an initial one in rock and also roll to have long hair,” he says, thinking earlier to the night, “and i did shake it.”

These to be the biggest crowds he had seen or heard, and also he deserve to see and also hear them still.




He go one encore, climate two, and at the finish he go “Shakin’,” in pandemonium.

“They wouldn’t let me off the stage.” By the moment he finished, the people were out of your seats and the constables to be looking antsy. Jerry Lee swaggered off the stage, one arm hosted stiffly in the air, a salute more than a wave. “And i left ’em wondering that that wild young was.”

Johnny Cash was standing there, sweat and nearly white, as the crowd screamed for more. As Jerry Lee remembers it, “he was choose a statue. He never ever said a word.”

In the auditorium, a woman had fainted in the aisle.

Jerry Lee walked best on by Johnny. “Nobody complies with the Killer,” he stated over his shoulder.

The crowd to be still yelling “Jerry Lee! Jerry Lee!” as Johnny come out onstage.

They quieted, respectfully, together he sang “I walk the Line.”

I keep a close watch on this love of mine.

I store my eyes vast open every the time.

They loved Johnny in Canada, however it was like a lull after the storm. “Johnny wouldn’t follow me after that, stated he wouldn’t never follow me again,” says Jerry Lee. “He said, ‘When he is through, it’s done.’ can not nobody follow me.” that night, ~ the show, the girls come by no one or two at a time yet in a crowd. “It to be unavoidable, too,” says Jerry Lee. “The girls come through in the evening, even before the mirrors sometimes, once the sunlight went down. And also I just told ’em to walk on,” and then he smiles in ~ that, at even the possibility of together a thing happening, the his sending away a beautiful girl.

“My gosh, what a time.”

Some legends begin like that, in an excellent drama, and others are purely accidental. What on the road, in an additional place the cannot really recall, he acquired sick and tired of playing sitting under while everybody rather in the place was on your feet, for this reason he simply rose approximately play standing. He loved the piano, however it go anchor a man and give him feet of clay. However as that rose, the piano bench was in the way. “So I chose I would simply take the hoe of my boot and push the piano bench back just a small bit, to make part room, however my boot gained caught and also I gave the bench a flip across the stage, and also man, it tore that audience up. And also I said, ‘Well, for this reason this is what castle want.’ ” If they preferred it when he just tumped that over, what would they execute if that hauled off and also kicked it across the stage? therefore he did, and also they howled and hooted and also the women screamed, for this reason he had to do it every time now, every blessed time.

“Oh, yeah,” says Jerry Lee, “I to be a tiny bit the end of control.”

Performers came and also went top top the tour, but Jerry Lee spent most of his time through Johnny and Carl in spite of the tension between him and the other two. The seems almost sweet now, come think that them as a fraternity that young men playing jokes and scuffling in the dirt and acting prefer spoiled youngsters on the road, together they hammered out their craft. Yet the road was a great bit darker than that. Anyone was addicted to something. Carl drank hard, most nights and some days, and also Johnny was hopelessly hooked top top pills, always talking around deep things prefer man’s inhumanity to man, and also prisons, and whether or not pigs can see the wind. And there was Jerry Lee, paris high on every one of it and running hot.

“I preferred Carl,” states Jerry Lee. “He became my friend. He to be a good talent. He might sing, had a real good voice, and also he can play the guitar. He can play all over that guitar.” His feelings about Cash are an ext complicated. “Johnny, well, I simply didn’t think he could sing. Composed some real great songs . . . However let’s simply say he wasn’t no troubadour.” He and also Cash would be friends off and on and also even record together as older men, yet in the cold north spring that ’57, the guy in black color was one an ext obstacle in his way.

Oddly enough, as soon as things finally boiled over, the was no Cash he had actually to fight. One night, in a town he cannot really recall, he and also Carl Perkins sat in some lounge chairs external a small motel, just cooling it in the chill air. Springtime temperature in the Canadian hills were around zero some days, however they hated being cooped increase in the tiny hotel rooms. In ~ some point in the evening, there had been a quart bottle of brown liquor in their proximity, but no one can remember exactly where the went.

“Carl was pretty fine drunk,” recalls Jerry Lee, “and ns was just drinking, a small bit.”

That night, Perkins was wearing a an intricate shirt indigenous Lansky’s in Memphis, wherein Elvis obtained his clothes. “Does this shirt look good?” he asked Jerry Lee.

Jerry Lee walk not care if Carl was wearing a burlap sack tied together with fishing line. He only cared what he looked like, and he knew he would be elegant standing in a mudhole.

“Don’t ns look good?” Carl asked.

Jerry Lee felt favor spitting. The snarled, “You an’ Elvis, constantly walking about in these fancy clothes, constantly worried around how you look . . .”

Jerry Lee may have been slightly an ext drunk than he recalled. “Carl come the end of that chair ready to fight, and the following thing i knew us were fighting across the stems of that Buick.” It to be not, he claims now, an epos battle. “I no throwing no great punches, and also Carl wasn’t, either.” that does remember gaining in one great backhand, and also then it was over, and they were friends again, however the jealousy would continue. “It was unavoidable. I would acquire encores in former of twelve thousands people, two encores, 3 encores. . . . Castle knew. Lock knew, even then, they were seeing the biggest thing.”

He play one phase that was constructed on a large turntable the spun slowly approximately as he played. “I didn’t choose that. I preferred to stay in one spot, so I can keep my eye on certain people.” that would shed sight of a quite girl, he said, if he was spinning, spinning. “And then i just had actually to get my eye on ’em anywhere again. I could constantly spot my girl then. No no problem, detect a beautiful girl. Look, I’d say to myself, there’s a couple. I’d say, Look, over there in the 3rd row.” In Quebec, he almost fell in love. “They pulled them costume up, and I hollered, ‘Pull it up a small bit higher, baby,’ and also they did. Man, they just laid it on you. And also they kept on simply layin’ it on you, night after ~ night, city ~ city.”

He to be still married, of course, to the volatile Jane, who was tho in Ferriday v his son and his parents’ family, however the fact is the he tried not to think around her that much, anymore. It had been a marital relationship of necessity, and it seemed less necessary two thousand miles away. “I was living the dream,” he said, even if the fact it was based on was, for the moment being, more than a tiny thin.

They drive on for nearly two months, doubling ago for even an ext shows in much more remote places, wide-open during the day, wide-open in ~ night, smelling of sweat and also whiskey and also gunpowder. He to be off his leash totally now and, it appeared to some people, virtually a little out the his mind. He had taken to play the piano sometimes with his feet, his dimension 9½ loafers, and the group roared for that, too. “I played it v my feet, in key. It can be done, if you understand what she doing. That wasn’t simply no stunt. I played it.” that was showing off and also showing civilization up, and also the crowd was in love with every one of it, and also by late feather his lightning to be bouncing about the airwaves, just weaker and an ext distant than he would have actually preferred.

The musicians that played v him remember any encounter through him as a kind of validation, a kind of certificate of authenticity. Guitarist Buzz Cason would later write just how he walked the end of a theater in Richmond and saw Jerry Lee, the good Roland Janes, and also Russ Smith, his pint-size touring drummer, dancing after a display on the roof the a ’58 Buick, simply dancing, due to the fact that the time on stage was never ever quite long enough. He remembers traveling v Jerry Lee come Buffalo, and that Jerry Lee want to make a side expedition to Niagara Falls. The stood ~ above a wall surface overlooking the good cascade, his blond hair hair whipping in the wind, and stared down into the abyss for perhaps thirty seconds, then jumped come the ground. “Jerry Lee Lewis has actually seen the Niag-uh Falls. Now let’s walk home, boys.”

Once top top a swing v Texas, he saw 2 singular-looking individuals sitting at a table in a huge nightclub. One to be his onetime piano hero, Moon Mullican. The various other was the homely but melodic Roy Orbison, an additional Sun artist. “It was in Odessa, Roy Orbison’s hometown. Roy, his point was, he want to loaned fifty dollars indigenous me, for this reason he can get out of the town. . . . He said he knew he might cut a hit document if he can ever gain out of that town. And also I said, ‘Well, I’ll be glad come loan friend fifty dollars.’ ” Orbison conveniently grew jealousy of Jerry Lee at Sun, believing the Sam Phillips was devoting too much of the label’s energy to one man. It wouldn’t be the critical time the happened. “He acquired a little upset,” claims Jerry Lee, yet at least he got out the Odessa.

“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” was lastly on the radio, not just in Memphis yet nationwide, and according to Billboard, “taking off favor wildfire” in country, rhythm and blues, and also pop. By the moment he got earlier to the South, the had become a consistent on Memphis radio. “They to be playin’ it in every the hamburger joints,” he says, and he would ride under the roads of Memphis in his red Cadillac v the peak down and also hear his own genius to wash all around him and into the virtually liquid air that is Memphis in summer. Sometimes he’d take his cousin Myra, who made goo-goo eye at him under her dark-brown bangs.

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Excerpt of "Jerry Lee Lewis: His very own Story" (C) 2014 JLL Ferriday, Inc. Reprinted courtesy the Harper, one imprint the HarperCollins Publishers.