Question I saw Japan because that holiday and also stayed in ~ a Japanese inn because that the very first time. Us were offered dinner in ~ our room and also the food to be so delicious.

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The inn staff came after dinner to clear away the plates. I’ve learned the phrase “itadakimasu” i beg your pardon is said before mealtimes. I want to to speak “Thanks for the food” after ~ the dinner. Just how should i say that in Japanese?


Answer by expert Japanese Teacher ご馳走(ちそう)さまでした。 Gochisoosamadeshita. Thank you because that the food.

You should be the one who asked exactly how to say, “Thanks for the food”. “Gochisoo” has actually the an interpretation of “a luxurious meal”.

Thus, “gochisoosamadeshita” could mean “That was a luxurious meal”. However, the original definition of the kanji character “馳走 chisoo” is “to run or scurry about on horseback”.

It is an expression in the olden days to offer thanks come the person who rushes about on horseback to gather food or supplies in order to display hospitality come a guest.

Try making use of this phrase to show your gratitude to the staff that spent initiative to carry out your meals in ~ the inn.

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There room other methods to say “Thank you” together well. For more information how to say thank you in Japanese, check out this link:

10 ways Of Saying say thanks to You In Japanese
Arigatoo is a fast method of speak "thank you" in Japanese. However do you understand that over there are numerous ways of saying "thank you"? and do you likewise know the these different ways target different world for different occasions? Let"s find out more!

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How come Say “Thank you because that the food” In Japanese?
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exactly how To say “Thank you for the food” after ~ The meal In Japanese?
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