Also well-known as the Jack Tzu, the Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix is a cross in between a Jack Russell Terrier and also a Shih Tzu dog.

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This dog is small-sized and normally each other his Jack Russell Terrier parent. This crossbreed can be a great family pet due to the fact that he gets along well v both children and also other pets.

Despite his little size, the Jack Tzu is an extremely active and also requires many of practice on a daily basis. Moreover, he deserve to be rather stubborn, so proper training is a must.

The Jack Tzu belong to either the toy or Terrier family and also is typically found in many homes as a companion pet.

These dogs are perfect for farming families, couples, seniors, singles and also anyone rather who needs the perfect companion dog.


The Size, Height and Weight that a Jack Tzu

The Jack Tzu is a small-sized dog that measures approximately 10 come 11 inches in height and weighs anywhere in between 14 and also 23 pounds.

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The Physical characteristics of a Jack Tzu Mix Dog

The Jack Russell Terrier Shih Tzu Mix often tends to have actually long legs much like his Jack Russell Terrier parental dog. However, he is usually smaller and an extremely strong.

The cloak of the Jack Tzu can resemble the of either parental dog breed v the most common colors gift white, black, brown, golden, cream and also light brown.

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Jack Tzu – photo Source

The background of the Jack Tzu Mix

This hybrid was many likely first developed during the recent designer dog tendency in the joined States.

Most designer dogs to be bred during the 1980’s and also these dogs have actually become an extremely popular partly because several celebrities have actually been watched walking them.

To aid you recognize the origin of the Jack Tzu, let’s take a look in ~ the beginnings of both parent breeds, beginning with the Jack Russell Terrier dog.

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The history of the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier to be bred by one English priest called John Russell. He obtained a tiny female Terrier in 1819 and made it the foundation of his breeding plan, which caused the present-day Jack Russell Terrier.

John standardized his dogs to be white and effective in searching foxes.

The modern-day Jack Russell Terrier is normally white in color with brown patches. He has a strong body measuring 10 to 15 customs in elevation . The weighs around 14 come 18 pounds.

These dogs tend to be tough and courageous. They have actually a great stamina, and additionally show a great sense of independence. However, castle are likewise loyal and also easy going about people.

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Jack Russell Dog

The background of the Shih Tzu Dog

The Shih Tzu is widely thought to be one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world.

This breed is stated to have been occurred in the Tibet/China region where many paintings and documents have been found showing how an useful this dog is once it comes to companionship.

This each other is stated to have actually reached the West in 1928. That is popularity increased after the second World War, with an ext and an ext dog owners behind enticed by his beautiful looks.

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Shih Tzu

This Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix Behavior and also Temperament

The Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix temperament have the right to be summed up as playful, loving and protective, but can additionally be proud, independent and also stubborn.

A Jack Russell and also Shih Tzu Mix dog will constantly let you know his feelings. The is normally loyal and dedicated, but they can also be strong-minded, so early on training is recommended.

Despite your stubborn nature, these dog are really protective and also have good watchdog skills. Although not overly aggressive, Jack Tzus are an extremely alert and tend come bark when challenged with one unfamiliar sound or sight.

He is an extremely adorable and also loves gift the center of attention. Moreover, these dogs often tend to follow their owners around.

Due come his feeling of independence, a Jack Tzu have to be closely monitored while he is roughly other dogs. He may want to challenge even bigger dogs.

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Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix: Grooming

Although the Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix is no a high-maintenance dog, that can shed a lot. Therefore, constant grooming is necessary to aid keep his coat clean and healthy.

Brushing have to be excellent at least three times per week. You should brush his coat through a comb and a bristle brush to aid control the shedding.

Bathing must be done only once his coat gets specifically dirty since this dog does not have actually an uncomfortable odor. Also, be certain to clean and dry his ears properly. A Jack Tzu has actually folded ears which can hold excess moisture, leading to irritation and also infection.

Their nails have to be consistently trimmed to keep their paws healthy and also to minimization scratching.

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Jack Tzu exercise Requirements

As we’ve stated earlier, the Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix is a very active dog. He is an extremely energetic and enjoys play around.

Due to their high level that energy, this dogs require a big backyard come play around. However, lock can additionally adapt well to apartment living.

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Training a Jack Tzu

When it pertains to socialization, Jack Tzus are generally easy going and get along well v humans, children and other animals.

When it concerns barking, the Jack Tzu does not bark excessively as long as various other dogs space not barking.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that Jack Tzus have actually all the finest personality traits of a great family dog. Nonetheless, you have to socialize and train your Jack Tzu from very early age to help him gain used to life approximately other animals, especially tiny pets choose cats. In instance you nothing train her dog indigenous a young age, the may develop a habit that chasing after small pets or animals.

It is additionally important to keep in mind the Jack Tzus are reasonably stubborn, therefore training have the right to be quite difficult.

To do it less complicated for your pup come master different tricks and also commands, make certain to store the maintain sessions short, easy and interesting. Moreover, consistency is a must. If you find yourself can not to train your Jack Tzu, seeking aid from a expert dog trainer is a clever move.

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Jack Tzu wellness Issues

Jack Tzus have tendency to be vulnerable to health problems and also illnesses such together allergies, eye disorders, liver complications, ear infections, deafness, i know well dysplasia and also snuffles, amongst others.

While buying or adopting this designer dog, that is recipient to use the Embark Dog DNA check kit to discover any type of health worries your new puppy may be fragile to.

This highly famous dog DNA test kit has likewise been designed to check for the genetic makeup the dogs.

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Jack Tzu Feeding Information

These dogs have tendency to eat a lot and also will frequently eat till they complete all the detailed food. Therefore, you must limit the quantity of food you give to her dog. Otherwise, overfeeding a Jack Tzu can lead come obesity and other health and wellness problems.

Based on the age, size and activity level, Jack Tzus need to be fed three-quarters come one-and-a-half cups of high quality dry dog food, divided into two meals each day. Also, think about getting an automatic dog feeder to help make feeding a breeze.

You should also consider offering your pup fish oil additional to help keep his coat and skin healthy.

Jack Tzu Life Expectancy

With ideal care and also attention, the expectation of a Jack Tzu averages about 12 to 15 years, hopefully even longer.

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Finding a healthy and balanced Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix for Sale

It is vital to note that no all puppies space bred the same. Just puppies born of healthy and balanced parents come to be healthy and also can end up being a an excellent family pet.

Keeping this information in mind, make certain that you get a puppy that is one offspring of dog who have health clearances.

Getting a Jack Tzu puppy whose parent dogs have health clearances will assist ensure your pup is not delicate to common health problems.

Moreover, you need to buy Jack Russell Shih Tzu puppies from trustworthy breeders.

Due come the increase in the popular of designer dogs choose the Jack Tzu Mix, some dog breeders may want to carry out their company just because that the money. Together such, part dog breeders space in the to make a killing the end of unsuspecting dog lovers. Together puppies tend to endure from serious and also even life-threatening health problems.

By doing your research study beforehand, girlfriend can get a healthy and balanced Jack Tzu puppy who will carry smiles come your face for a long time to come.

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Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix Price

When it comes to price, you need to expect to pay around $350 to $750 for a healthy and balanced Jack Tzu puppy.

Alternatively, you can shot and visit assorted dog rescue groups near your home and see if lock have any type of Jack Tzu puppies or complete grown dogs easily accessible for adoption.


The Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix can be wonderful addition to her family listed you keep the over information in mind.

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This adorable dog can bring a many joy and love to your family members for many years to come.

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