In The funny They had actually by Isaac Asimov we have the design template of innocence, change, technology, loss and longing. Taken from his The finish Stories collection the story is narrated in the very first person by one unnamed narrator and also after analysis the story the reader realises the Asimov might be trying out the template of innocence. Margie is eleven and not an extremely worldly. Though she is not meant to know the history of schools. She find it hard to understand how a man deserve to be a teacher as soon as she is so use to robots teaching her. That is just through Tommy’s guidance that Margie learns about the background of teaching and also how interesting it may have actually been. However there room some components of schooling which have actually not changed really much. Over there is quiet an allotted time because that teaching and also the kids do not have to do schooling end the weekends. Margie nonetheless still find it complicated to be teach by a robot and the leader is left suspecting that Margie could have preferred the old method of schooling and teaching.

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The theme of technology is self-evident in the story. The kids (and adults) usage telebooks to read. In today’s terms they would certainly be comparable to eBooks. Where the information is top top a display screen or tablet. This may be significant as Asimov might be suggesting that culture has lost something. The intimacy of hold a book and also reading it. Come enjoy turning pages in the publication as you progression in her reading. Tommy is additionally amazed through the book and also this move to Margie who finds the publication interesting, also if she walk not totally understand it. The printing push may likewise be lost but people still however are reading. This too might be significant as that is possible that Asimov is saying that people regardless of the age they live in, reap reading.

There may also be some symbolism in the story which might be important. The telebooks themselves can be watched to stand for the advancement of technology. Exactly how over a period of time things have adjusted when it pertains to reading. The reality that Tommy is reading a book on document is also significant as it suggests that Tommy is able to understand just how those before him could have lived. He has actually an understanding into the past regardless of on one chance his history module top top his robot not working correctly. This too might be necessary as Asimov might be suggesting that native of mouth (from Tommy’s grandfather) have the right to shape the individual as lot as a class in college can. Something the Margie through her innocence go not fully understand.

The finish of the story is interesting as it shows up as despite Margie is beginning to understand what school might have been prefer in the past. The is likewise interesting the Margie could prefer the old method of schooling quite than the much more formal technique used through the robots. In through which they wait because that the student to come into a room therefore they deserve to be taught. If something Margie might actually long to be taught by a human. Despite it is amazing that Tommy thinks just men can teach the student. Miscellaneous which may not have been seen as significant at the moment the story was written. In countless ways Tommy might be a prize of masculine dominance and might actually overcome Margie with both his sex and also his knowledge.

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