Zak Bagans is a man with diverse skills and professions. You may wonder what i am talking about.44-year-old Zak is one actor, museum owner, Author, and also paranormal investigator.If it doesn’t excite you to know an ext about him, i don’t know what will.

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Zak Bagans rapid Facts

Birthday: April 5, 1977 Birthplace: Washington DC, USAAge: 44 year oldZodiac Sign: AriesHeight: 6 FeetRelationship Status: UnknownGirlfriend: Holly Madison (former)Children: N/A Weight: 80 kg Net Worth: $30 Million – $35 Million

Zak Bagans Age, Background

Zak Bagans was born on April 5, 1977, in Washington DC, USA.At present, Bagans is 44 year old.His household moved come Glen Ellyn, Illinois, where he to be raised and spent many of his childhood.Zak is the younger son of his parental Nancy Knapp who functioned as an interior designer, and his father, Mr. Bagans.
Zak Bagans with his mom Nancy. (Zak/Instagram)His father passed away in late 2018.
Young Zak Bagans with his father. (Zak/Instagram)Zak prospered up in addition to an elder sibling named Meredith Bagans.His parents aren’t with each other anymore; after their divorce, Nancy remarried a man named Thomas.Zak has two half-siblings from his stepfather, Sky and Phil.Suggested Read: Shelby Stanga <2021 update Age, Wife, Kids, Death, net Worth


As a young boy, Zak did his schooling at Glen bard High School.Similarly, that enrolled in west Michigan University yet dropped out because of a absence of interest in his subject choice.Furthermore, the attended in Motion snapshot institute that Michigan for the course of film Making.Suggested Read: Erik Salitan, Life listed below Zero: Wife, Children, net Worth, 2021

Is Zak Bagans Married? that Is Wife?

Let’s begin by rubbishing every the rumors around him gift a married guy.No! He no married yet, yet he has actually had few failed relationships in the past.Back in 2013, he reportedly dated model and social media influencer Christine Dolce.Neither Zak no one Christine evidenced nor denied their relationship status. Reportedly, Zak and also Christine damaged sometime after.Unfortunately, in 2017, Christine lost her life because of substance abuse. Christine’s fatality came long after her breakup through Zak.As per reports, Christine struggled with substance abuse, and an eventual liver failure took she life.Similarly, at some time after Zak’s breakup v Christine, he apparently dated an additional beauty named Mary Delatorre.However, their partnership was never evidenced as well.Suggested Read: Marty Meierotto <2021 Update> Mountain men Wiki

Zak & Holly Madison

Holly Madison. (Holly/Instagram)Zak Bagans was dating previous Playboy model and TV personality Holly Madison.She appeared in renowned TV series like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians,’ ‘Girls next Door,’ and ‘Dancing through the Stars.’Zak and also Holly met each other between the mid-2010s and late 2010s, yet they to be committed to others.At the very least Holly was together she was married to Pasquale Rotella.In 2019, Holly visited Zak’s museum to accomplish each other when again, and also this time, Holly had actually divorced Pasquale.In other words, she was single. The pair started dating shortly after.The news about their dating was shown in may 2019, four months after she break-up from her currently ex-husband Pasquale Rotella.The very same month, Zak post this snapshot on his Instagram, which fueled the romance rumors more.
Zak Bagans Instagram Post. (Zak/Instagram)Zak and also Molly preserved details that their partnership under wraps for the many part.Suggested Read: Darrell Sheets <2021 Update> Age, Wife, net Worth

Zak and Molly rest Up

In February 2021, a resource close come Bagans and also Madison announced the news of your split.The source mentioning Bagans and also Madison decided to go separate means like a mutual decision and also remain friends.While the former pair has yet to announce any details, we check out very few chances of reconciling.Suggested Read: David Visentin Age, Married, Wife, Children, net Worth

Is Zak Bagans date In 2021?

Another thing that Bagans remains notoriously famous for, personally from exhilaration skills, is his personal nature.Most recently, Zak post a snapshot on Instagram indigenous the back, together Zak had his arms about a mrs overlooking the sea.At an initial glance, everyone thought that it to be his girlfriend in the picture.However, it wake up to it is in his mommy in the picture.As of 2021, Zak Bagans is no dating anyone, at the very least not publicly.

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Zak Bagans network Worth

The guy with the diverse profession has actually amass a net worth of $30 Million – $35 Million.He is involved in various career fields, which earns him enough fortune because that a comfortable however lifestyle.

Zak Bagans Age