I have seen these words used interchangeably. But I have also seen them supplied in a sentence prefer they are two various things. I"d favor a skilled opinion.

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Context is everything, yet in general computer terms, video cards and also graphics cards room the very same thing.

There room "video record cards," which room often referred to as "TV tuner cards" or "video encoder cards" the capture video clip (instead that outputting it). These would certainly be used to record video such together TV shows, or get video clip from one old camcorder, or various other playback device, to her computer"s tough drive.

Perhaps you are confusing GPU and also video/graphics cards? GPU represents Graphics handling Unit. Video cards have actually GPUs (the brain of the card), just like how your computer"s motherboard has a CPU.

You speak you have seen them provided in a sentence like they space different, can you carry out an example?


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