Trish Regan story | Wiki

Trish Regan is an American Journalist and Conservative Talk present host currently known because that her job-related on the FOX News Channel and the FOX company Network based in new York City. She left Fox in 2020 in stimulate to hold her very own conservative talk show program called Trish Intel. Previously, Regan additionally served as a correspondent anchor and reporter because that CBS News indigenous 2001 come 2007 and CNBC News indigenous 20007 until her official departure in 2011.

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Trish Regan Age

How old is Trish? Regan is 48 year old together of 2020. She was born Patricia Ann Regan ~ above December 13, 1972, in Hampton, new Hampshire, unified States. Her date of birth is celebrated on 15th December every year. Her zodiac birth sign is Sagittarius. likewise READ: plunder Schmitt

Trish Regan education | miss America 1994

Regan finished her high school studies at the Exeter Academy based in Exeter, brand-new Hampshire in 1991. Native there, Trish got a Bachelor the arts level in background from Columbia university in 2000. She also participated in the 1994 miss out on America beauty beauty pageant where she was able to represent her hometown together Miss new Hampshire.

Trish Regan height | body Measurements

Trish Regan Nationality | Ethnicity

Regan holds American nationality and also citizenship through birth. She to be born and brought increase in Hampton, brand-new Hampshire, unified States. She is of white ethnicity/heritage.

Trish Regan Parents

Trish prospered up in a simple neighborhood positioned in Hampton, brand-new Hampshire with both parental presented throughout she life. However, information about her mother and also father is currently not however publicly available. It is likewise not recognized whether she has any younger or enlarge brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, much more details around her parents and also siblings will certainly be shared once that is evidenced available.

Trish Regan Husband | Wedding

Is Trish Married? Regan is happy married to she husband, James A. Ben. The pair met and began date in at an early stage 2000 and later bound the knot in a private wedding ceremony that was just attended by near relatives and friends. Trish and also her husband space blessed with three adorable children. Their first two youngsters are Elizabeth Ben and Alexandra Ben. Trish gave birth come her 3rd child who is a boy on June 9, 2014.

Fox organization Channel Trish Regan | Newsmax

Trish is widely recognized for serving as the main organize of the Trish Regan Primetime present that aired ~ above the FOX organization Network from 2015 to 2020. She currently hosts she won conservative talk display called Trish Regan display on iTunes and Spotify. Prior to FOX, Trish an initial began her career as a correspondent anchor and also reporter for CBS News in 2007.

She likewise made assorted contributions to Face nation and 48 hours before ending up being the main host of CBS MoneyWatch. Regan got the many Outstanding Young Broadcast reporter award indigenous the north Carolina society of skilled Journalists because of her incredible occupational at the station.

She climate went top top to work as a correspondent top top CNBC native 2007 come 2012. In 2015, she was able to make her official entrance right into the Fox News Channel and FOX Business. As of 2020, Trish is do appearances together a guest co-anchor ~ above Newsmax Tuesday.

Trish Regan Salary

Regan functioning as a Conservative Talk show host and broadcast reporter earns an yearly salary varying from $100,000 to $1 million dollars.

Trish Regan challenge Surgery | Bikini | Legs

Information concerning Trisha’s face and also legs is currently under review regardless of speculations that she had gone through a facelift surgery to make her look at beautiful. Nevertheless, more details around her face surgery will be mutual once the is confirmed available.

Trish Regan regarded Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan to be an American politician who offered as the 40th president of the United claims from 1981 come 1989. He passed away on June 5, 2004, at his residence in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. So many civilization have speculated that Trish is related to Ronald in some way. However, over there is nothing that connecting Trish to Ronald’s family. Therefore, they are not related.

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Trish Regan network Worth

Trish is one American transfer journalist and also conservative who has an approximated net precious of about $25 million us dollars.


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