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Martin Luther King Jr. Job is today—January 20, 2020. The work is to celebrate martin Luther King Jr."s birthday, and as it is a federal holiday, non-essential government offices will certainly be closed. So will certainly there be mail on martin Luther King Jr. Job (MLK Day) 2020? as USPS is a government service, the is likely to be impacted by the holiday, but UPS and FedEx space both exclusive companies which perform not observe every commonwealth holiday.

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This year, the MLK weekend drops on January 18-19, and January 20 is a commonwealth holiday. Young name Luther King Jr. Was born ~ above January 15, 1929, however his date of birth is significant with the commonwealth holiday top top the third Monday of January each year.

Does mail run on MLK day 2020?

Find out below which letter services, by USPS, UPS and also FedEx will certainly be running, and if write-up offices and deliveries are impacted by the commonwealth holiday, also known together MLK day 2020.


A FedEx worker stacks packages ~ above a dare on December 02, 2019 in san Francisco, CaliforniaJustin Sullivan/Getty

USPS Delivery and also Is the post Office open on young name Luther King Jr. Job 2020?

The United claims Postal solutions observes young name Luther King Jr. Day as a national holiday therefore there will certainly be no USPS organization on January 20, 2020. Additionally, short article offices will be closed, as they room run through USPS.

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If you need to article mail around Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you can still usage the blue arsenal boxes. Mail will certainly be collected from the boxes early on the job after young name Luther King Jr. Day, top top January 21, 2020.

Speaking around Martin Luther King Jr. Job 2019, Tangela Bush, district Manager, said: "We want to recommend anyone through stamped or metered mail all set for shipment to autumn this mail right into a blue collection box rather of waiting to do so the complying with day.

"This likewise applies to our service customers, plenty of who will certainly still be open throughout the holiday. We desire to acquire a rapid start on handling their mail."

If you need to wait till the complying with day to article your mail, bush recommends depositing it before 3 p.m. Local time: "On your way to occupational or college is the finest time come drop the mail at the post Office or blue arsenal box. The earlier in the job we get the mail, the sooner we deserve to send the on its method to its destination."

UPS on young name Luther King Jr. Work 2020

UPS does not observe young name Luther King Jr. Day so all UPS services will run as usual on January 20, 2020.

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FedEx on boy name Luther King Jr. Day 2020

Most FedEx services will run as normal on young name Luther King Jr. Day. Only FedEx Express and also FedEx SmartPost will run through modified services, every other company will run following regular schedules ~ above January 20, 2020. If you must use FedEx refer or SmartPost, inspect with the agency to see exactly how your mail will be affected.