The pivotal moment in the movie is once the team is performing in ~ a talent contest and also the piano player and also host collection them up for immense failure in ~ the whim of Bird indigenous the Midnight Falcons. And it works at first, except The Heartbeats disappointed bubbles end to the suggest where Duck pushes the piano player turn off the bench, transforms the auditorium into church and then Eddie takes the group to church. Anyone else gets in where they need to and they turn the acapella performance into the stuff of legend. If that occurred in 2020, that would have gone viral and Puffy would have actually tried to sign them before they left the auditorium.

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3. Donald “Duck” Matthews is a legendary producer and also songwriter.

From the start of the movie, he was composing songs and also directing web traffic on stage and producing in real-time. Through the end of the movie he has plaques everywhere the walls and has allegedly come to be one of the greatest songwriters. He was such a an excellent producer he to be solidly convincing at playing Shy Brother through his brother, J.T. Matthews, play by none various other than Leon. Plus, none of united state would have actually known it in ~ the time, however a young Duck Matthews is plainly the haberdashery motivation for Russell Westbrook.

4. The group completely fell apart but managed to lug it all ago when it mattered.

Alright, right here are the points this team went through: egos; racism; drinking and drugs (mostly all Eddie); fame; women; a murdered manager in Jimmy Potter (also because of Eddie); Duck’s fiancé cheating top top him with his brother, JT, among the worst brother of every time; on phase fights; losing a command singer in Eddie because of the drama; The 5 Heartbeat’s world version of Suge article in big Red (more or him next) who had their manager murdered end Eddie’s contract; among other things. And yet, by the movie’s end, they were all able to was standing side-by-side and also reminisce ~ above the old times, together, prefer they were claimed to.

5. They signed to big Red Records and everybody was lively by the finish of the movie.

Well, everybody except Jimmy, however the principals the the group were all still standing and also seemingly as healthy and balanced as they might be. And also that counts for something because usually, somebody dies, ya know, in the group. Ns mean, the hung Bird the end of a window for not respecting his office hours.

6. Their directory was amazeballs.

Even despite they had a legend improv minute in “A love Is a residence For Love,” the version they were singing at very first was a monster. They had actually hits. And not simply hits, yet the kind that has the dancery going up on a Tuesday.

7. Choirboy conserved up sufficient money to build his father a church and direct the choir and also bring Eddie and also Baby Doll (Eddie’s lengthy time girlfriend and eventually wife) along, basically saving Eddie’s life.

Effectively, they actually made some money and they still every loved every other enough to look at out once they could. You can see in miscellaneous moments exactly how much they cared around one another as people. Eddie might have been the one to autumn the hardest, yet he likewise loved his bandmates.

8. They were in reality uber-successful.

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Ebony, Jet, rojo Stone, TIME, Newsweek. Castle covered all of those magazines. They made it to American Bandstand. They headlined tours. They thrived mustaches. Castle bought houses. They didn’t complain around money. They won awards. They had #1 fight records.