Following a Grammy win, glow endorsements indigenous Dave Grohl and, um, Ellie Goulding, we current 30 need-to-know facts about dubstep phenomenon Skrillex.

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Born top top January 15th, 1988, his actual name is Sonny john Moore yet ‘Skrillex’ was a nickname he’d had actually for a while. “(It) really method nothing. Transparent my teen years my friends would contact me ‘Skrillex’ or ‘Skril’ or ‘Skrilly’.”
The very first albums he ever before bought to be Marilyn Manson’s ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and Nine inch Nails ‘’Broken’ EP. Angsty!

He claims his huge musical transforming point was discovering Warp records once he was 12. “I uncovered Aphex twin (and) became obsessed v glitch, mountain house, IDM, Autechre, Squarepusher,” the says.

Forget banging the end a song on a old Joanna, he acquired started making music by downloading and install the programme ‘FL Studio’ as soon as he was 13.

When he was 16 the contacted Matt an excellent of emo rockers From an initial To Last about playing etc for them. In which method he ended up ending up being their lead vocalist.


From very first To Last, minus Skrillex

Signed to the legendary Epitaph label, From an initial To last released 2 albums. Among them go by the ludicrously emo title, ‘Dear Diary, My teen Angst has A body Count’.
They weren’t just also-rans in the alt.rock world; they were a pretty big deal, playing on the Warped tour bill as well as opening for loss Out Boy.
Skrillex stop From very first To last after enduring from ‘vocal chord problems’. He later said: “Singing’s no my actual passion.”

In a relocate he couldn’t have actually made in From very first To Last, the an initial time that performed live ~ above his very own he played v a harpist.

Determined to perform things in DIY fashion, he marketed his demos at reflects all packaged in blue envelopes featuring distinctive drawings that made.

It’s no all funny hair and also ‘banging tunes’, he is a nice earnest guy. He says stuff like: “I don’t choose hype cluttering art.” Woah. Deep.


Although his music is taken into consideration dubstep he self thinks it’s more comprehensive than that. “I guess: v you can say the it’s a mixture the dubstep, electro-house, fidget,” the said. (We’re not sure what ‘fidget’ is either, don’t worry).

He described ‘Scary Monsters and also Nice Sprites’ as “’Transformers’ meets final Fantasy’”. However his own favourite movies include children Of Men and Final Fantasy VII: development Children (*sci-fi geezer klaxon alert*).

Meanwhile once Facebook counted their “most played” song on their site in 2011, 2 of his tracks to be in the top 10.

Like Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’, his haircut has become famous in its own right. Shave on one side and hairy on the other, it ended up being quite the barnet of 2011.


Skrillex is the king (as far as one can be) that the celebrity fatality hoax. Among the most well known ones associated a freak yachting accident in Bermuda. ‘RIPskrillex’ became a popular Twitter hash tag for a while.

He’s done rather a few ‘not cool’ remixes, including Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The method You Are’ and also Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Rock that Body’. Those decks don’t pay because that themselves, you know.

Much more respectably, he’s likewise collaborated v the making it through members of The Doors top top the monitor ‘Breakin’ A Sweat’.

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He created some tracks on Korn’s ‘Path the Totality’ album ~ admitting he’d been a fan of castle “since i was 9.” He first met Jonathan Davies when he remained in From first To Last and did one ‘artist come artist’ interview because that Revolver magazine.

Another well known fan has Kanye West who Tweeted: “TONIGHT I’m definitely playing Skrillex.” In commonly non-OTT style, Yeezy declared that his remix of Benny Benassi’s ‘Cinema’ to be “one of the best works of art ever before made.”

Nevertheless, his video for ‘Rock N role (Will take it You to The Mountain)’ to be a online who’s who of the existing dance music scene. These had Diplo, Deadmau5, Rusko, A-Trak, Tommy Lee, James Shaffer native Korn and others with names prefer ‘Zedd’ and also ‘Penny’. Phew.

His forthcoming album disappeared as soon as his laptop to be stolen the end of his hotel room in April critical year. He created on his on facebook “I invested a main pulling my hair out, however now i’m just concentrating on the future and also re-making my album.” accurate the “a dog ate my pencil” that “album delayed” excuses.

He obtained punked by Deadmau5 at the current Grammys, once the mouse-masked DJ wore a T-shirt through Skrillex’s an individual mobile number on it. There was also a subtitle which review ‘u foolish bro?’” girlfriend guys!