Bring vacation Cheer with Shipley Do-Nuts

If you’re looking for a holiday corporate caterer for your office Christmas party, you know it’s a difficult task. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we like to action out the the norm for a donut shop. Our shop provides corporate catering in Houston to give you easy, delicious, and affordable food for you and your business.

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Why usage Shipley Do-Nuts

Festive Donuts

First off, all you should say is the native “donut”. Even if it is you desire glazed, frosting, or to fill you get a sweet delicious treat. You don’t need to wait because that breakfast to eat these yummy treats. We have the right to customize your donuts to make them as festive as feasible to acquire your entire team in the holiday spirit. Fill the office party with delicious food through adding more sweet to it. Acquire a vacation corporate caterer that keeps the party alive.KolachesIf you thought donuts to be enough, then think again. Friend can’t have actually an office Christmas party without Houston’s popular kolaches. These negative boys are an excellent for both huge and tiny groups. Even if it is you’re in the mood because that sausage and also cheese or jalapeno and also cheese, we offer your craving. With our different choices of kolaches, there’s alternatives for everyone to enjoy.An Office Christmas Party to RememberWe’re no saying you must throw the biggest or craziest party of every time, however maybe something civilization will remember. Unlike the new film “Office Christmas Party”, friend don’t require to host an epos party to admire your potential clients. Our services will be enough to wow her business and also potential clients.

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From delicious food to laugh faces, it’ll be a party to remember.

Make Shipley Do-Nuts her Holiday Corporate providers This Season

Bring everyone with each other this holiday season v Shipley Do-Nuts. Speak to us currently at or order virtual to obtain started on her party to plan today.

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