1 : to look at and understand the definition of letters, words, symbols, etc. She learned come read in ~ a very early age. Have the right to you read decimals/music/Braille? See much more ExamplesI can"t read her handwriting. He declared that he could read mine palm. <=look in ~ the present on the palm of mine hand and also tell me what to be going to happen to me in the future>Hide

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2 : to review the native of (a book, magazine, etc.) that likes reading the newspaper. She reads a lot of of secret novels. See much more ExamplesWe will be reading (works by) Milton in the class. She starts occupational every day by reading her e-mail. Didn"t you read the instructions? the likes to read. She doesn"t read much. You re welcome read from thing 5 v Chapter 10.Hide
3 : to speak aloud the words of (something written) he read the city aloud. The teacher read a story to us. = The teacher read united state a story. See more ExamplesHe created down the deal with I provided him and also read it ago to me. Her mother read to her every night in ~ bedtime.Hide
b : to keep in mind the action or qualities of in order to anticipate what will occur a great canoeist reads the rapids a golfer reading a green also : to guess the motion of (a putt) by analysis a green
b : to attribute (a meaning) to something check out or taken into consideration read a nonexistent meaning into her words
5 : to usage as a substitute because that or in choice to an additional word or expression in a specific passage, text, or version read hurry because that harry —often provided to present a clarifying substitute for a euphemistic or misleading native or phrase a friendly, check out nosy, coworker
8a : to get (information) from storage specifically : to sense the definition of (data) in recorded and also coded form —used that a computer system or data processor A compiler is a program that translates instructions composed by a human being programmer into much more specific codes that have the right to be directly read by a computer. — john Markoff
b : to check out the coded info on (something, such together a CD) I had a minor trouble with the disk journey in the the an equipment would not check out the disk the an initial time it to be powered up each day however had to it is in turned off and ago on again.— Robert Moskowitz
b : to it is in readable or read in a certain manner or to a details degree this book reads smoothly
3 : to consist of particular words, phrases, or other similar elements a passage that reads in different way in older versions
1 chiefly brother : a duration of analysis it to be a night … because that a read and a long sleep— wilhelm Sansom

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Synonyms: Verb

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Verb She learned come read in ~ a very early age. ns can"t read her handwriting. that likes reading the newspaper. She reads a many of mystery novels. She starts work-related every day by reading she e-mail. Didn"t friend read the instructions? please read from chapter 5 through Chapter 10. the read the poem aloud. He wrote down the resolve I provided him and read it back to me. Her mother read to she every night at bedtime. Noun he reviewed the book after numerous reads. She to be lying in bed having actually a calm read.
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Recent examples on the Web: Verb Eight various other charges the stemmed indigenous the event were dismissed yet read into the court record as component of his plea agreement. — Evan Frank, Milwaukee journal Sentinel, 14 Nov. 2021 there are more than likely dozens of civilization in Dallas alone who don"t read your magazine. — ABC News, 14 Nov. 2021 see NBC News" coverage that the coronavirus, read a timeline of the spread out of the coronavirus, or check out a map that U.S. Coronavirus cases. — NBC News, 14 Nov. 2021 part of this means that the signal that recognize a unit of advertisement or regime content need to be interoperable (standardized) so the they can be read and comprehended throughout the fragmentised landscape. — Paul Talbot, Forbes, 14 Nov. 2021 instead of Devils defenseman Ty blacksmith quickly transforming the puck increase ice, Karson Kulhman was able to read his mind and pick the puck turn off in the neutral zone. — world Staff, BostonGlobe.com, 13 Nov. 2021 Or dump the ball into the post, a dying art in today’s game, however that post player needs to have the offensive skill set to acquire easy 2s with his back to the basket and have the IQ come read the coverage and find the open up shooters. — J. Michael, orlandosentinel.com, 13 Nov. 2021 Huff learned and developed an ability to read plays and also disrupt them. — Tom Canavan, ajc, 13 Nov. 2021 together the decision was around to be read, Bender turned his head to Jessica. — CBS News, 13 Nov. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Adjective In a season v 107 victories, there is an extraordinary amount of good — read, effective — decision making. — Susan Slusser, San Francisco Chronicle, 9 Oct. 2021 ~ above Tuesday, Hodinkee, a watch publication beloved through horological nerds, ran an virtual story around the crew’s Omegas, which came to be the site’s most read story that day, said Danny Milton the article’s author. — Jacob Gallagher, WSJ, 23 July 2021 The deliver will be restricted by the read speed of the storage cards gift used, as well as the write rate of the target disk journey or SSD whereby the photo are gift uploaded. — mark Sparrow, Forbes, 16 June 2021 her LinkedIn around will offer as your first impression and will it is in the many read version of her bio. — william Arruda, Forbes, 13 might 2021 In fact, your LinkedIn around will it is in the many read version of her bio. — william Arruda, Forbes, 6 Apr. 2021 as the opinions of celebrity hosts aimed in ~ a specific audience to fill the airwaves, newspaper editorials ended up being less valued and also less read. — David D. Haynes, Milwaukee newspaper Sentinel, 3 Mar. 2021 The many read Dear Annie column of the year encounters directives against nonessential travel as result of the pandemic. — oregonlive, 2 Jan. 2021 The most read piece the 2020, probably surprisingly, had nothing to execute with the pandemic or remote learning. — Washington Post, 29 Dec. 2020 Recent examples on the Web: Noun Suddenly, every monitor is full of text to close-read and doodle in the spare of notebooks. — Elena Nicolaou, refinery29.com, 11 Oct. 2021 Adrian Martinez noted the success Rutgers had actually running the football in the second fifty percent against Michigan, specifically with zone read and run-pass options. — Michael Cohen, Detroit complimentary Press, 3 Oct. 2021 Maryland ran a zone-read and Tagovailoa was claimed to hand the ball off but instead tried to make the play on his own and got sacked. — Ryan Mcfadden, baltimoresun.com, 10 Sep. 2021 being able to grab a an excellent read and one even better drink native the same place after a lengthy day in ~ work? — Shacamree Gowdy, Chron, 8 June 2021 Johnson to be remembered in ~ three commencement ceremonies Saturday through his name read and an north chair draped v a cap and also gown. — man Reinan, Star Tribune, 22 may 2021 This passage is indigenous Zach Osterman"s lengthy read on Assembly room ahead of its 50th season. — Zach Osterman, The Indianapolis Star, 5 Nov. 2021 but getting precise read on how an excellent these 7-1 Rams really room will need to wait in ~ least an additional week. — Houston Mitchell Assistant sports Editor, Los Angeles Times, 1 Nov. 2021 Head coach Kyle Shanahan has even moved away from Lance’s read-option and also goal-line packages, which brought about a pass touchdown in main 1 and a rushing score in main 3. — Nick Lozito, San Francisco Chronicle, 1 Nov. 2021

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First well-known Use that read


before the 12th century, in the an interpretation defined at transitive sense 1a(1)


1586, in the an interpretation defined above


1825, in the definition defined at sense 1

History and also Etymology because that read


center English reden "to counsel, order, decide, guide, govern, realize, master the an interpretation of, interpret, explain, teach, watch at and also understand (written symbols), say aloud (something written)," going ago to Old English rǣdan, (non-West Saxon) rēdan "to rule, direct, decide, deliberate, counsel, suppose, guess, expound the meaning of (as a riddle or dream), look at and also understand (written symbols), speak aloud (something written)," going back to germanic *rēdan- (whence likewise Old frisian rēda "to advise, protect, help, plan, decide," Old Saxon rādan "to consult, guess, take treatment of, counsel,", Old High German rātan "to advise, deliberate, assist," Old icelandic ráða "to advise, counsel, decide, determine, plan, rule, explain, interpret," Gothic garedan "to make provision for," fauragarairoþ " predestined"), going back to an Indo-European linguistic base *(H)reh1dh- "carry v successfully," whence likewise Sanskrit rādhati "will carry about," rādhnóti "(s/he) achieves, prepares, satisfies," Avestan rādat̰ "will do right"; from a causative *(H)roh1dh-éi̯e-, Gothic rodjan "to speak, talk," Old icelandic ræða "to speak, converse," Old ireland ráidid "(s/he) speaks, says, tells," imm-rádi "(s/he) thinks, reflects," Welsh adroddaf "(I) utter, say, relate," Old Church Slavic neraždǫ, neraditi "to have actually no treatment for, take it no heed of" (also neroždǫ, neroditi), radi "for the benefits of," Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian ráditi "to work, do," Lithuanian ródyti "to show"

Note: Old English rǣdan to be a class VII strong verb, with evidence of reduplication (past it is too dirty reord), though additionally conjugated together a weak verb; by the center English duration evidence for strong conjugation is vestigial. The supposed outcome of anglian rēdan would certainly be *reed, reflecting middle English close lengthy e; the predominance of read, mirroring open long e, is perhaps due to interference from outcomes of germanic *raidja- (see ready entry 1). This is essentially the conclusion the the Oxford English Dictionary, third edition, i m sorry assembles a variety of presumed outcomes that *raidja- under a somewhat shadowy verb rede, the inflected develops of which deserve to be daunting to differentiate from redd and rid (see redd entry 1, rid). — together is evident from the number of glosses, the Old and Middle English verbs covered a remarkably broad selection of meanings. Those senses not having to execute with the act of analysis are now greatly represented by the spelling rede in modern-day English (see rede). Though the sense "interpret" is obvious in Old Norse, adaptation that this verb to refer to visual handling of composed language is peculiar to Old English (and hence to contemporary English); come express this idea various other Germanic languages, excepting Gothic, have adapted, either by inheritance or loan, outcomes that the verb *lesan- "to gather, select," presumably together a calque ~ above Latin legere (see legend). — A confusingly broad spectrum that meanings likewise characterizes the verb"s Indo-European congeners, when the formal similarities are close. The gloss "carry v successfully" because that *(H)reh1dh- ("erfolgreich durchführen") in Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben, 2. Ausgabe, uses best only to the Indo-Iranian forms.