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Happy fourth of July! If you’re needing to go grocery shopping on freedom Day 2021, you’re likely wondering if one of two people Publix or Costco are open near you today. We have good news and also bad news. If Publix shop are generally open, Costco stores will be closed for the holiday.

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Publix stores Are open up for the fourth of July

Publix is open today. A representative for Publix spoke v around the store’s plan for freedom Day. Lock shared: “Our stores will be operation traditional service hours because that Memorial Day and the 4th of July.”

You can uncover the hrs of the store near you by visiting the “Find a Store” webpage on Publix’s website.

A representative indigenous Publix formerly told “Our stores space closed 3 days each year, which contains Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas days.”

If you’re preferring not to go to the save today, Publix likewise offers delivery and also curbside pickup it is provided by Instacart in select locations in the Southeast. Hrs align with save hours, back high need can affect ease of access in your region.

To view what specials Publix has today, visit their weekly ad here. Or friend can find digital coupons here.

Costco Is closed on the fourth of July

Costco is frequently closed on major federal holidays, consisting of the fourth of July. The save will reopen top top Monday, July 5, for regular business hours.

The holidays where Costco stores are frequently closed are brand-new Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, freedom Day (the 4th of July), labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This closures enable employees to invest the holidays with their love ones or take a much-needed rest from work.

Costco service Centers are additionally closed ~ above July 4 and are provided on the webpage here. That page notes the the company centers are frequently closed on new Year’s Day, Memorial Day, self-reliance Day, job Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

A Costco service Center is easily accessible to any type of Costco member and also there room 15 areas in the U.S. They have actually items not found at regular Costco warehouses, and also larger amounts of some grocery items, including a larger selection of drinks. The webpage notes: “More 보다 70% the Costco business Center items are different than what is brought at a Costco warehouse.”

The website notes about holidays including Independence Day:

On these holidays, Costco service Centers room closed and delivery is no available. If your shipment should fall upon one of these days, it will certainly be rescheduled for the next easily accessible delivery day. As result of expected high-order volume complying with a holiday, service Centers may conveniently reach delivery capacity and under this circumstances, some days may not be available as a distribution option. In some situtations, deliveries may also be delayed, and you will certainly be contacted through a Member organization Representative accordingly. As soon as scheduling your shipment date, please be aware of any upcoming holidays that may delay your order.

On all other holidays, we will certainly be OPEN and delivering orders. If a distribution is scheduled and also your company will no be open, please call Member solutions at 1-800-788-9968 to readjust your delivery day. A redelivery charge might be assessed if we arrive at her business and also no one is there to get the order. If you have additional questions about holiday deliveries, please contact Member services at 1-800-788-9968. Representatives are easily accessible Monday v Friday native 6 a.m. Come 5 p.m., Pacific Time.

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To discover the particular hours the the Costco close to you, please usage the store locator here.