In respect of her 90th anniversary, Minnie computer mouse will get a star on the Hollywood to walk of Fame. Top top January 22nd, Minnie will receive her star in former of Disney’s El Capitan Theatre. She will certainly be the sixth Disney character to get this honor. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winne the Pooh, Tinker Bell, and Snow White have already received this distinction. To celebrate Minnie, below are 20 funny facts about the desire polka-dotted mouse.

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Minnie is a nickname

Her full name is Minerva Mouse, back she rarely uses it.

Minnie was a man

Well, a man voiced her. Walt Disney to be the original voice the Minnie and continued to voice her for around a year. Marjorie Ralston climate took over as the voice that Minnie and also Minnie has actually been just voiced by ladies since.

Minnie has had actually 7 voices

In her 89 years of animated life, only 7 world have spoken for her. In comparison, Mickey has had 14 various voice actors.

Minnie married Mickey in real life

While the cartoon mice have never officially tied the knot, their voice actors have. Minnie’s existing voice actress, Russi Taylor, married Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey because that 32 years. They stayed married until Allwine’s death in might 2009.


Walt Disney thought Minnie and also Mickey were married

In a 1933 interview, Walt Disney said, “in private life, Mickey is married come Minnie”.

Minnie was a flapper

A flapper girl was the basis for Minnie’s original design. Minnie wore a short flapper girl dress that showed her knickers. She additionally wore black color stockings.

Her bow wasn’t constantly in style

In her early on years, Minnie wore a hat rather of her signature bow. In 1940, Mickey and Minnie were both redesigned. During this makeover, a big bow replaced Minnie’s hat. They additionally put bows on her shoes.


Pink and also red weren’t always her colors

Minnie didn’t wear red and pink in the previously cartoons. As soon as the cartoons to be in color, Minnie most frequently wore a mix of blue, green, and also black.

Minnie comes from a humble upbringing

Her parents were farmers. Her father’s surname is Marcus and her mother doesn’t have actually a name.

Minnie also has nieces

Donald isn’t the only character with expanded family. Minnie has actually twin nieces, Millie and also Melody.

Mortimer is related to Minnie too

He’s she uncle. Type of weird as soon as you think about all the time Mortimer do the efforts to date Minnie…


She no the most famous of the Fab Five

In the mid to so late 1930s. Mickey’s new sidekicks, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto showed to be much more popular 보다 Minnie. Their popularity made her appearances in Mickey cartoons much less frequent.

But friend can’t store a an excellent mouse down

Though she didn’t show up in as many Mickey cartoons, she had major roles in various other cartoons. In the 1940s, she appeared in Pluto and Figaro cartoons.

Minnie no speak for 12 years

Janet Waldo voiced Minnie in the 1974 Disneyland record Album, An Adaptation that Dicken’s Christmas Carol, performed by the Walt Disney Players. Minnie i will not ~ speak again till 1986 when Russi Taylor took end the role.

She didn’t even speak in Mickey’s Christmas Carol

In the 1983 quick cartoon, Minnie plays Mrs. Cratchit. The function was silent. However, this illustration did lead to Minnie’s resurgence.


Minnie isn’t just a mouse

Russi Taylor, the voice that Minnie, additionally voices Huey, Dewey, and also Louie. Russi Taylor has a prolific voice exhilaration career. She voices many personalities both in and outside the Disney universe.

Pluto to be Minnie’s dog first

In the quick cartoon The Picnic (1930), Minnie introduces her brand-new dog, Rover, come Mickey. Rover was renamed Pluto and became Mickey’s pet in the brief cartoon The Moose hunt (1931).

But Minnie got another dog

Her name is Fifi the Peke. Fifi and Pluto would go top top to have actually a litter of puppies.

Then she obtained a kitten

Minnie’s most popular pet is Figaro, the kitten indigenous Pinocchio. Figaro to be Walt Disney’s favorite character in Pinocchio and he want to usage the character more. Walt do Figaro Minnie’s pet, replacing Fifi’s appearances in Minnie’s cartoons.

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Minnie and also Mickey have the exact same birthday

Both of them first appeared in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. However, Mickey often tends to get much more notoriety on today than Minnie.

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