Michael English Biography and also Wiki

Michael English is one American Christian singer and also record producer who is famously recognized for his highest-charting solo solitary ” your Love Amazes Me” which got to No. 10 top top the Adult modern-day chart in 1996. He videotaped eight studio albums during his solo career.

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English to be a member that his family’s singing group and also later a member of the Gaither Vocal Band. English was inducted right into the north Carolina Music room of call in 2011.

Michael English Age and Birthday

Michael to be born ~ above April 12, 1962, in Kenansville, phibìc Carolina, United claims of America. That is at this time 58 years old as of 2021. His birth sign is Aries.

Michael English Height

English stands at an typical height and stature. But his actual height measurements have not however been revealed to the public, this ar will it is in updated as soon as available.

Michael English Education and also Career

After graduating from high school, he joined The to sing Americans, where he reduce his name to Mike English, later on going ago to Michael. In 1982, Mike left the group and joined The Goodmans. He later on joined a regional group, The Gospel Couriers, for about six months till he rejoined The to sing Americans.

It to be then that he had actually his an initial big success in southerly gospel music v the live record of what would come to be his signature song, “I Bowed ~ above My knees (And Cried, Holy)”. Michael also won 2 Dove Awards in 1992 for masculine Vocalist and brand-new Artist.

His last appearance through the team was performing “Alpha and Omega” at the 2013 Dove Awards after he made one announcement that he would certainly be leaving the Gaither Vocal band to devote more time come his solo career in October 2013.

Michael English Family

Michael is the proud kid of Aubine and also Grace English, he to be born in Kenansville, north Carolina, and also raised up in a town dubbed North East, near Wallace, north Carolina. The performed in the family singing group referred to as the to sing Samaritans from 1972 until 1980.

Michael English photo

Michael English Wife

English is at this time married come his beautiful mam Marcie Stambaugh, a minister’s girl, in Nashville, Tennessee. They gained married on August 29th, 2002, in ~ a wedding the took place in Nashville, TN.

Michael English first Wife

Before acquiring married to his wife Marcie, the was formerly married to Lisa Bailey and also they had a daughter Megan who was born in so late 1984. Your divorce was as result of his work with one more woman dubbed Jordan. English even got Jordan pregnant and also was also dropped through the label.

Michael English Children

Michael English has three kids. Native his first relationship, his daughter named Megan and another tho under research. He later on married another woman and had an additional daughter called Isabella.

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Michael English network Worth

English is approximated to have a net worth of roughly $10 million USD. His source of income is his career as a musician and also a document producer.

Michael English Awards

1992 new Artist of the YearMale Vocalist the the Year1993 masculine Vocalist of the YearPraise and also Worship Album the the Year Coram Deo (shared v Michael Card, Charlie Peacock, Susan Ashton, the end of the Grey, Charlie Peacock)1994 Vocalist that the YearMale Vocalist of the YearInspirational tune of the Year “Holding out Hope come You”Pop/Contemporary Album that the Year HopeSouthern Gospel track of the Year, southerly Classics; Gaither Vocal tape (co-producer)

Michael English Albums

1991: Michael English (Curb Records) 1993: expect (Curb) 1995: healing (Curb) 1996: freedom (Curb) 1998: Gospel (Curb) 2000: sky to planet (Curb) 2003: A Michael English Christmas (Curb) 2006: best Hits: In Christ Alone (Curb) 2008: The Prodigal Comes residence (Curb) 2013: part People change (Curb) 2015: worship (Daywind) 2017: Love is the golden Rule (Daywind)