CAS No. 546-93-0 chemical Name: Magnesium lead carbonate Synonyms MgCO3;destab;apolda;ci77713;kimboshi;c.i.77713;MAGNESITE;Magmaster;C.I. 77713;lansfordite CBNumber: CB6146621 molecule Formula: CMgO3 Formula Weight: 84.31 MOL File: 546-93-0.mol

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melting point: 990°C density 3.050 solubility almost insoluble in water. It disappear in dilute acids through effervescence. type Solid color White Water Solubility g MgCO3/100g systems at CO2 pressure, kPa, 18°C: 3.5 (203), 4.28 (405), 5.90 (1010), 7.49 (1820), 7.49 (5670); at 0°C 8.58 (3445), at 60°C 5.56 (3445); dissolve acids; insoluble alcohol CAS DataBase reference 546-93-0(CAS DataBase Reference) NIST Chemistry reference Magnesium carbonate(546-93-0) EPA problem Registry device Magnesium lead carbonate (546-93-0)

Magnesium lead carbonate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3, pKso=7.5-8.2), one more important link of magnesium, occurs naturally as magnesite,but the magnesium carbonate used in the United states is every synthetically manufactured. It's provided in the pharmaceutical industry as one inert material: at any time you take a tablet, opportunities are, you're additionally taking magnesium carbonate. Its offered as one inert binder to hold the actual particles of the medicine together.It's additionally used in cosmetics, talcum powders, and the to produce of soap since it can hold and carry a scent an extremely effectively.Magnesium carbonate is included to rubber and plastics together a flame retardant: that reduces the rate at i m sorry fire spreads and the lot of char and also ash the is produced.

Chemical Properties

Magnesium lead carbonate is a white, yellowish, grayish-white or brown crystalline solid or crystalline powder. It occurs in nature as the mineral magnesite and also is critical source of element magnesium. It have the right to be developed artificially by the action of carbon dioxide top top a variety of magnesium compounds.Magnesium carbonate is a flux. It have the right to be supplied to make matte, but too lot can reason pinholes. Cobalt will produce violet hues when linked with magnesium carbonate, and pink shades when linked with zinc.Magnesium carbonates can be supplied as magnesium resource for the produce of catalyst compounds.

Magnesium Compounds

link Mineral Formula CAS No.anhydrous salt magnesite MgCO3 <13717-00-5>dihydrate barringtonite MgCO3•2H2O <5145-48-2>trihydrate nesquehonite MgCO3•3H2O <14457-83-1>pentahydrate lansfordite MgCO3•5H2O <61042-72-6>basic lead carbonate artinite MgCO3•Mg(OH)2•3H2O <12143-96-3>basic lead carbonate hydromagnestite 4MgCO3•Mg(OH)2•4H2O <12072-90-1>basic carbonate dypingite 4MgCO3•Mg(OH)2•5H2O <12544-02-4>basic carbonate --- 4MgCO3•Mg(OH)2•8H2O <75300-49-1>

Occurrence and Uses

Magnesium carbonate occurs in nature in number of minerals together hydrated, basic and double salts, as displayed above. The two primary minerals room magnesite, MgCO3 and dolomite, a double salt, CaCO3•MgCO3. Both minerals are provided as source materials in the production of magnesium metal. Also, they are calcined come produce basic refractory bricks. Other applications that magnesium carbonate are in flooring, fireproofing and fire-extinguishing compositions; as a filler material and smoke suppressant in plastics; as a reinforcing agent in neoprene rubber; as a drying agent and also for shade retention in foods; in cos-metics; in dusting powder; and also in toothpaste. The high purity magnesium lead carbonate is offered as one antacid in medicine; and as an additive to table salt. One more important application of magnesium lead carbonate is together a starting material in creating a number of magnesium compounds.


Magnesium lead carbonate is derived mainly through miningthe herbal mineral magnesite. The trihydrate salt,MgCO3·3H2O, is prepared by mixing services of magnesiumand carbonate ion in the visibility of carbondioxide.

Chemical Properties

Magnesium carbonate occurs as light, white-colored friable massesor together a bulky, white-colored powder. It has a slightly earthy tasteand is odorless but, due to the fact that it has a high absorptive ability, magnesiumcarbonate deserve to absorb odors.The USP 32 describes magnesium carbonate as one of two people a basichydrated magnesium lead carbonate or a normal hydrated magnesiumcarbonate. However, the PhEur explains magnesium lead carbonate asbeing a hydrated an easy magnesium lead carbonate in 2 separatemonographs: heavy magnesium carbonate and lightmagnesium carbonate. The molecular recipe forheavy magnesium carbonate and also light magnesium carbonate vary,but heavy magnesium lead carbonate may generally be pertained to as thetetrahydrate <(MgCO3)3·Mg(OH)2·4H2O>, while light magnesiumcarbonate may be concerned as the trihydrate <(MgCO3)3·Mg(OH)2·3H2O>.The molecule weights that the heavy and light creates ofmagnesium carbonate are 383.32 and also 365.30, respectively.


part applications that magnesiumcarbonate are supplies inflooring, fireproofing and fire-extinguishing compositions;as a filler material and smoke suppressant in plastics;as a reinforcing certified dealer in neoprene rubber; together a dryingagent and for color retention in foods; in cosmetics.Magnesium lead carbonate is supplied as an antacid in medicineand as an additive to table salt. An additional important applicationof magnesium carbonate is together a starting material inproducing a variety of magnesium compounds.Because of its water-insoluble, hygroscopic properties,MgCO3 was an initial added come salt in 1911 to make thesalt flow much more freely. Magnesium carbonate, most oftenreferred to as “chalk”, is supplied as a dry agent because that handsin gymnastics, load lifting and also rock climbing. Magnesiumcarbonate is also used in taxidermy for whiteningskulls. It deserve to be combined with hydrogen peroxide to createa paste, i m sorry is then spread on the skull to give it awhitefinish. Basic magnesium carbonate is supplied as a clay inface masks and it has mild astringent properties andhelps to smooth and soften skin. That is encourage foruse on normal to dried skins.


provided in Pharmaceutical systems as a Magnesium Salt, warm Insulator and Refractor, Antacid. Additionally used in Cosmetics, inks, glass, drying agent, color retention agent and etc.


chemistry intermediate because that magnesiumsalts; component of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,dentifrices, free-running table salt; certified dealer inheat insulation and also refractory applications


The hatchet magnesite isloosely provided as a synonym because that magnesia as are alsothe terms caustic-calcined magnesite, dead-burnedmagnesite, and also synthetic magnesite.


A whitecompound, MgCO3, existing in anhydrousand hydrated forms. The anhydrousmaterial (trigonal; r.d.2.96) is uncovered in the mineral magnesite.There is additionally a trihydrate,MgCO3.3H2O (rhombic; r.d. 1.85),which occurs naturally as nesquehonite,and a pentahydrate, MgCO3.5H2O (monoclinic; r.d. 1.73),which occurs as lansfordite. Magnesiumcarbonate additionally occurs in themixed salt dolomite (CaCO3.MgCO3)and as simple magnesium carbonatein the two minerals artinite(MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O) and hydromagnesite(3MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O).The anhydrous salt deserve to be created byheating magnesium oxide in astream the carbon dioxide:MgO(s) + CO2(g) → MgCO3(s)Above 350°C, the reverse reactionpredominates and also the carbonate decomposes.Magnesium lead carbonate isused in do magnesium oxideand is a drying agent (e.g. In tablesalt). That is additionally used as a medicalantacid and laxative (the basic carbonateis used) and also is a componentof details inks and glasses.


hydromagnesite: A mineral formof straightforward magnesium carbonate,3MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O.


lansfordite: A mineral form ofmagnesium carbonate pentahydrate,MgCO3.5H2O.

Production Methods

depending on the manufacturing procedure used, the compositionof the magnesium carbonate obtained may vary from normalhydrated magnesium lead carbonate to basic hydrated magnesiumcarbonate.Light magnesium carbonate may be manufactured by saturatingan aqueous suspension of dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2, with carbondioxide under pressure. On rise of the temperature, calciumcarbonate precipitates almost entirely. The filtered solution is thenheated come boiling; the magnesium bicarbonate in the solution loses precipitates.Heavy magnesium carbonate may be manufactured by mixing ahot focused solution that magnesium chloride or magnesiumsulfate through a solution of salt carbonate. The hefty magnesiumcarbonate may be one of two people precipitated to create a granular materialor spray-dried. Differing the temperature the the reaction solutionsproduces hefty magnesium carbonate v differing physicalproperties: e.g. Material with a higher specific surface area isproduced in ~ a lower reaction temperature. Low processingtemperature listed the biggest surface area, i beg your pardon producedoptimum granules or spray-dried powder.If dilute magnesiumchloride or magnesium sulfate options are supplied for the reaction, aless dense material is produced.Magnesium carbonates in varying states of hydration are alsofound as minerals in nature.

General Description

White, yellowish, grayish-white or brown crystalline solid or crystalline powder. Density: 3-3.1 g cm-3. An important ore because that magnesium. Offered in the manufacture of materials qualified of withstanding an extremely high temperatures. Occasionally used to produce carbon dioxide.

Reactivity Profile

Magnesium lead carbonate has generally low chemical reactivity. Non-flammable and non-combustible. Reacts v acids and also acidic salt to generate gaseous carbon dioxide v effervescence (bubbling). The reaction might be rapid and exothermic with focused solutions the acids. The efferversence can create foaming. Incompatible through formaldehyde.


A nuisance particulate.

Health Hazard

Magnesite is considered to be anuisance dust.

Pharmaceutical Applications

as an excipient, magnesium carbonate is mainly used together a directlycompressible tablet computer diluent in concentrations up to 45% w/w.Heavy magnesium carbonate produces tablet computers with high crushingstrength, low friability, and great disintegration properties.However, magnesium carbonate can have varying results ondissolution and stability.Magnesiumcarbonate has been integrated in microsphere formulations forthe objective of stability encapsulated proteins. It has likewise beencoencapsulated in poly(lactide-co-glycolide) microsphere formulationsto neutralize acidity and enhance the immunogenicity that acontraceptive peptide vaccine. Magnesium lead carbonate is also usedto absorb liquids, such as flavors, in tableting processes.Magnesium carbonate is additionally used as a food additive andtherapeutically together an antacid.

Agricultural Uses

Hydromagnesite is a magnesium ore i m sorry occurs as a carbonate. Magnesium lead carbonate occurs in a mixed salt dolomite (CaCO3.MgCO3) and also as simple magnesium lead carbonate in 2 minerals, namely, artinite (MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O) and also hydromagnesite (3MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O).

Agricultural Uses

Magnesium carbonate is a white compound developing inanhydrous and hydrated forms. It is supplied as a fertilizerand likewise for make magnesium oxide. The anhydrous product is found naturally in mineralmagnesite. Over there is additionally a trihydrate, MgC03·3H2O(rhombic) that occurs normally as nesquehonite, and also apentahydrate, MgCO3.5H2O (monoclinic) the occurs aslansfordite. Magnesium carbonate likewise occurs in a mixed saltdolomite (CaCO3·MgCO3) and also as basic magnesiumcarbonate in 2 minerals, namely, artinite and hydromagnesite<3MgC03·Mg(OH)2.3H2O>. Heating magnesium oxidein a stream of carbon dioxide leads to the formation of theanhydrous salt. above 350°C, the reverse reaction predominates andthe carbonate decomposes come give back MgO.

Agricultural Uses

Nesquehonite is the natural kind of magnesiumcarbonate trihydrate (MgCO3.3H2O).


Magnesium carbonate is supplied as an excipient in oral solid-dosagepharmaceutical formulations and also is normally regarded together anessentially nontoxic and nonirritant material. However, the usage ofmagnesium salts, such as magnesium carbonate, is contraindicatedin patients with renal impairment. In details studies, magnesiumcarbonate has actually been shown to be an reliable phosphate binder inshort-term usage for patients v chronic kidney disease, however theeffects of long-term use require more study.The probable orallethal sheep in humans has actually been estimated at 0.5–5.0g/kg bodyweight.On call with gastric acid, magnesium lead carbonate reacts in thestomach to type soluble magnesium chloride and carbon dioxide.Magnesium carbonate should because of this not be supplied as an antacid bythose people whose stomachs cannot tolerate the development ofcarbon dioxide. Some magnesium is took in but is usuallyexcreted in the urine. Just like other magnesium salts, magnesiumcarbonate has actually a laxative effect and may cause diarrhea.Therapeutically, the usual sheep of magnesium carbonate as anantacid is 250–500mg, and also 2.0–5.0g as a laxative.


Magnesium lead carbonate is stable in dry air and also on exposure to light.The mass material need to be save in a well-closed container in acool, dried place.


Incompatible with phenobarbital sodium,diazepam solution ata pH≥5, part binary flour mixtures, lansoprazole,and formaldehyde. Acids will certainly dissolve magnesium carbonate,with the liberation of carbon dioxide. Slim alkalinity is imparted towater. Magnesium lead carbonate was likewise found to increase thedissolution the acetazolamide formulations in ~ a pH that 1.12; however,dissolution was retarded at a pH of 7.4.

Regulatory Status

GRAS listed. Accepted as a food additive in Europe.

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Consisted of in theFDA Inactive ingredient Database (oral capsules and also tablets).Included in nonparenteral medications licensed in the UK.

Magnesium carbonate Preparation Products and Raw materials

Raw materials