One of my abroad friends to be talking around how Lynx deodorant body spray looks similar to the Axe deodorant body spray however lasts much longer and smells better.Now I have my own can of axe that I use occasionally, and it works choose a $4 bottle of body spray would certainly work. To right here that mine $4 bottle could be changed by something the smells better, big longer, and is near in price is intriguing. I checked both websites for Lynx and also Axe and also they space eerily similar. Can someone call me if they are the same agency or are they actually various products?

I thought this was around the best text browser, ever.-- View photo here: --

I can"t find anybody (online, at least) offering Lynx external of the UK, nor deserve to I find a residence page. What sites did friend look at?

quote:Originally posted by VoK:Yeah, it"s kind of favor really cheap cologne. Yes, really really yes, really cheap. The smells choose chemicals.

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quote:Originally posted by VoK:I confirm both websites because that Lynx and also Axe and they space eerily similar. Deserve to someone phone call me if they room the same company or space they actually different products? follow to Unilever here they are one and also the same. Keep in mind the line in the an essential Facts:quote:Sold as Lynx in the UK, Ireland and also Australia

DJ Jesus:For it"s price and it"s usage, I discover axe to be a compelling buy. I typical it"s good for just gaining the stink out of girlfriend after a job of school or work, together I don"t desire to waste precious cologne to perform that or take the moment to take it a shower in mine hectic schedule.As because that Lynx actually being the exact same as Axe, it appears as if the placebo effect has take away it"s toll.

I like Axe, a little bit under each arm, possibly on the chest a little depending what I"m doing the day and also out ns go.... I acquire a few compliments now and then that i smell nice (got one about my hair the various other day o.O!?).....Everything in moderation is key.- CG

quote:Originally posted by PreacherBoy:I believed this was around the finest text browser, ever.-- View image here: -- ++ -- View picture here: --

quote:Originally posted by VoK:One the my overseas friends was talking around how Lynx deodorant body spray looks as with the Axe deodorant body spray yet lasts much longer and smells better. Your friend is full of shit. Castle are exactly the same.

Reminds me the some picture a boy posted on SA forums of his room. It was immediately detailed that he had actually a dozen cans of Axe top top his dresser. That tried to play the off prefer it to be his little brother"s stash.

quote:I believed this was about the finest text browser, ever. Blasphemy.Both links and w3m space superior come lynx. -- View image here: --But seriously, what"s wrong v Axe? I use it together my typical deoderant.

Same stuff different name for different marketing regions.Its choose Snickers offered to be offered as "Marathon" in the UK.Cif clean product also used to be marketed as Jif.

Lynx are huge cats v weird small tufts on your ears.An axe is something provided for chopping things: wood, people, etc.

quote: Cif clean product likewise used come be sold as Jif. As soon as Unilever started offering Jif on continent Europe (outside that the brother Isles), they uncovered that because of the neighborhood accents, the none-English speak countries can pronounce the letter "J". For this reason they adjusted the british product surname Jif to a surname everyone can say, Cif.Back OT: Lynx is junk IMHO. But their marketing team are really very good, particularly their TV ads.

I personal think Axe smells prefer ass, yet i have actually irrefutable proof that the ladies love it. -- View photo here: --One of my roommates started obtaining lots of complents on how he smelles when we go out once he started wearing Axe. Go figure.

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their antiperspirant, surprisingly, works far better than many i"ve tried. The spray have the right to be a bit overwhleming, yet it fades fast, too. I am trying out their shower gel stuff now, and also it"s quite nice


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