ns was under the impression that all americans pronounced aunt choose the insect, ant (/ænt/), or fairly similar sound variants such together the southerly aint (/eɪnt/). According to both Webster and ODO, some Americans express it together ah-nt (/änt/, /ɑnt/, or /ɔnt/) which is quite close come the british ah-nt (/ɑ(:)nt/). Webster supplies a similar alternative because that the contraction, can"t.

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Who are these Americans who favour the british pronunciation?



The Northeast.

This US dialect splatter chart mirrors that simply over 75% of Americans pronounce aunt and also ant (the bug) the same. It’s damaged down further, however the ~ohnt together is generally from the Northeast.


I"ve found two groups of civilization who pronounce aunt that way. First, many new Englanders (people native the Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, new Hampshire, and also Maine) execute so. Also, many African-Americans from the eastern Coast additionally pronounce aunt that way, even if it is or no they room from new England.

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This might not it is in the answer; however, I simply wanted to include this.

I have constantly thought why the digraph in aunt has actually a TRAP collection variant, vice versa, the very same digraph receive LOT/THOUGHT vowels in other collection of words. After reading Christopher Upward"s The history of betterworld2016.org Spelling, i have found an answer.

Spelling adjust and joint change


aunswar > answerhaunde > handdaunce > dancebraunche > branchavauntage > benefit >

hanch > haunchvant > vauntNo spelling change, yet variant pronunciations

aunt Variant spellings

gauntlet vs gantletstaunch vs stanchgauntry vs gantry


It"s a matter exactly how you treat diphthongs in her vernacular. I"m native Virginia and on median we speak the AU not the AN for pronouncing our uncles wife. The same have the right to be said for daughter, i m sorry is Dawter, not Dwater or Dotter.

I was just discussing this v a girlfriend of mine who is black. She was brought up in brand-new York City, her mother and father to be from Mississippi. She mother"s family members lived eastern of brand-new Orleans and have gone back in their family history about four generations come an ancestor that was a slave from Martinique. Every one of those household members spoke French. The family likewise has white blood and also Indian blood. Her maternal grandmother spoke French and also betterworld2016.org and her mother refused come speak French. My girlfriend was musing over part ladies that lived top top either next of their residence in NY City who were not related yet were dubbed aunts. ~ above one side to be the betterworld2016.org pronunciation like taunt and also on the various other side was the ant pronunciation and also she wasn"t sure why there was the difference. She offers the taunt pronunciation and also she feels many black civilization that she knows says aunt this way. Words tante once pronounced correctly is prefer taun. Maybe the t to be lost but the au sound stayed.