Serana is presented Skyrim expansion Dawnguard. While friend aren"t able come marry vampires, we"ll show you which mod you must do the anyway.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim uses a variety of exceptionally robust solution to interact with that offer restricted gameplay advantages but add immeasurably to the story and also role-play suffer of the game. These optional systems have actually kept players in Skyrim for virtually a decade, together the ever-increasing number of experiences readily available through mode has lugged the role-playing to an almost Second Life level the interaction.

One such device in Skyrim is the capability for your character to get married. This is significant since who you marry is completely up come you. Male and female personalities representing a dozen various races are obtainable for romantic in the people of Skyrim. There are over 70 NPCs available for marital relationship once you have unlocked the option. Unfortunately, that method there room hundreds much more that can not it is in married, the is, there is no a little mod magic.

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In this guide, we"ll be teaching you whatever you have to know around the vampire Serana: who is Serana, how do you acquire married, and how do you mode your video game so you have the right to marry Serana.

who Is Serana?

Serana is a vampire featured in the Skyrim development Dawnguard. You"ll very first meet Serana throughout the "Awakening" pursuit in the Dimhollow Crypt while investigating the hall of the Vigilant attack. After setup her free, Serana will ask you to assist her get home come Castle Volkihar in order to uncover out what taken place to her mother Valerica. video OF THE DAY

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exactly how To obtain Married In Skyrim

In stimulate to obtain married in Skyrim, you must an initial complete the search "The binding of Matrimony." To obtain the quest, speak v Maramal in the temple of Mara. Maramal will instruct you to procure an Amulet that Mara.

Maramel will market you the amulet because that 200 gold, but there are other methods to acquire one. A priestess called Dinya Balu in ~ the temple of Mara will offer you a quest referred to as "The book of Love." in ~ the finish of the quest, you will have an Amulet the Mara you deserve to use to obtain married. Girlfriend can additionally find an amulet in arbitrarily loot and shops.