NOTE: because of a recent influx that questions, Trooper Steve determined to revisit a object he an initial answered in 2018. You have the right to read his original an answer below, which stays true in 2020.

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News 6 traffic safety professional Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions around the rule of the road, helping Orlando-area occupants become much better drivers through being far better educated.

Natasha, the Apopka, inquiry Trooper Steve if it is illegal come drive through your car’s dome irradiate on.

“As young vehicle drivers we room told a slew of things that aren’t necessarily true,” Montiero said. “It’s more of a list of points our parents claimed were against the law just so we would certainly listen to them.”

In short, it’s no illegal to drive v your dome irradiate on, that said.

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“If you’re a parent, though, I can understand why you might pass this along,” the said. “But after looking the Internet and also reading several various traffic laws, I’ve found nothing the singles the end the dome light specifically. Now, there are laws that talk about ‘interior lights,’ but nothing the mentions the dome light.”

Although the legislation may not say that driving v your dome irradiate is illegal, Montiero stated it’s no the safest thing to do.

“Think around the distraction that you space placing at night on a driver as soon as that dome irradiate is on,” the said. “From depth perception to adjusting her night vision, these room things the dome irradiate can affect when left on for an extended duration of time.”

Montiero said if a passenger in the auto is trying come read, that or she can want to invest in a book light therefore the dome light isn’t necessary.

“Remember, although something might not it is in illegal, that doesn’t make it safe,” that said.


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Steve Montiero

Steven Montiero, much better known as “Trooper Steve," join the News 6 morning team as its website traffic Safety expert in October 2017.A main Florida native and decorated combat veteran, Montiero comes to the station complying with an eight-year assignment with the Florida Highway Patrol.


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