RANDY Travis' divorce through ex-wife Elizabeth Hatcher is taken into consideration to be one of the "nastiest splits in the industry."

The pair had been married for nearly two decades prior to their separation.

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Elizabeth Hatcher and Randy Travis were married in 1991, yet the 2 met when Travis was 17.

At the time, he won a talent challenge at a Charlotte, phibìc Carolina club owned by his future wife, according to country Thang Daily.

After the two obtained married, Hatcher acted together Travis' manager for 30 years prior to their relationship fell apart.

They preserved their relationship a secret for 12 years for organization reasons. “He was young, and also you want to attract that young audience,” she said. “I want him to appear available.”




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Travis once cited music as the point that brought the two together.

“Of course, to start with, the music brought us together,” that told people magazine soon after tying the knot. “And just being approximately each other, working with each other … that just thrived from that. She is energetic, witty, intelligent, and an extremely kind-hearted.”

Travis apparently filed because that divorce in Albuquerque, new Mexico, top top 28 October 2010.

In the wake of their divorce, the pair filed a collection of law suits versus one another.

The singer climate married mar Travis in march 2015 amid his health and wellness complications. 

According to Today, mary stood beside Travis throughout his hospital stay, reportedly asking the doctors to keep him ~ above life support.

Mary said: “Even in his state, his semi-coma state, that squeezed my hand and also he laid there and I just saw this tear that fell and also it was one tear in ~ a time... I just went earlier to the doctors and I said, ‘We’re fighting this.’”

What occurred to nation singer Randy Travis?

Born may 4, 1959, Travis, 62, is known as one American country music and gospel music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and also actor.

Despite a successful music career, Travis has actually not exit any new albums since 2014 partially because of serious health complications he has suffered from end the years.

The country singer famously endured a massive stroke in 2013 ~ struggling from congestive heart failure.

He spent most of his time in Tennessee and Texas hospitals and also underwent two mind surgeries together a result.

Travis also suffered native pneumonia ~ above three different occasions and was intubated. 

By November 2014 that recovered slightly and also was able come walk short distances and also play guitar.

Does Randy Travis tho play music?

In 2016, Travis make a comeback in music and performed impressive Grace at the country Music hall of Fame and also then reappeared on phase with Michael Ray during a cover power of Forever and also Ever Amen.

In September 2019 that then returned to touring through James Dupré in a 12-city production, however, Travis was only able to do three that the reflects after over there were unanticipated production and technical problems.

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He released a new song in 2020 titled Fools Love Affair, which significant his first song because suffering the stroke. 

According to Country Daily, Travis still suffers native aphasia - a difficulty with language or speech - however his wife, mar Travis, claims that he still sometimes sings.