Your pup probably loves a sweet apple part from time to time. In fact, apples space a delicious and also nutritious snack that’s very great for your dog. So, if apples room so healthy and balanced for them, you might be curious around the safety and security of to apologize juice. After all, it’s crisp and also delicious—they would certainly love the taste.

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So, deserve to dogs drink apple juice? While apple juice is non-toxic to dogs, the acidity and also sugar content make that unsuitable as a regular treat. Let’s take it a emergence at what drinking apple juice does to your dog for this reason you deserve to make the best decision.


What’s in apple Juice?

Manufacturers make apple juice by a process called maceration and also pressing. Essentially, it’s where the fruit division down, removed the starch and also pectin from the apple—at i m sorry point, water and other seasonings blend into the concoction.

Most apple juices space over 80% water. So, simply what other components are we working with here? A many the truth will count on the type of apple juice girlfriend buy. Some apple juice brands load sugar, corn syrup, and also artificial ingredients into the mix. Look in ~ the label.

Many to apologize juices come from juice concentrate. Juice from concentration is a thick, sticky substance that outcomes from transforming the fruit to a pulp. Machines evaporate the water content and remove the starch, so this procedure may dilute the organic flavor of the juice.

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Companies climate add-in ingredients choose high furustos corn syrup, cane sugar, sodium, and fruit byproducts come zest points up. The trouble right here is that it yes, really ups the calories, carbs, and also sugar content, making it not-so-healthy for drinkers—human and canine alike.

Some manufacturers include extra vitamin or spices to boost the drink experience. Yet the much more ingredients you see on the label, the less healthy and balanced it is.

How is to apologize Juice great for Dogs?

Apple juice is exceptionally high in vitamin C, i beg your pardon is a great antioxidant for dogs. Unlike humans, dogs in reality synthesize vitamin C on your own. However a little more won’t hurt, especially because it’s so great for healthy and balanced immunity. Vitamin C helps v cognitive aging, malnutrition, and also stress.

Because a dog’s liver naturally makes vitamin C, there is some debate on how much it really benefits lock to have extra. But a splash more isn’t something that will have actually ill next effects. Moderation will certainly be vital in allowing your pup to partake in this delicious beverage.

What space the negative of apple Juice for Dogs?

The main concern with apple juice is high in sugar content. Many dogs already tend to overeat, so drink sugary liquids deserve to pack on the pounds. Obesity additionally causes long-term problems like diabetes, i m sorry can gain expensive to treat.

Apple juice is additionally vastly acidic, which means it can cause diarrhea. Even though it shouldn’t be much of a wellness concern, it can create messes for you to clean up. And also it may reason an uncomfortable tummy, which can make your male or gal feeling crummy.

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Organic to apologize Juice is Best

If she going come share part refreshing juice v your dog, you’ll want to make certain you’re giving them the healthiest choice. Plenty of organic apple juices only use apples without the extra sugars.

Is Frozen apple Juice Mix Different?

No, frozen apologize juice is essentially the very same as fluid apple juice. The distinction is, you have to thaw it the end and add water to it to make a complete pitcher. The labels room usually similar, if not exactly the same, together premade apologize juice in jugs.

Since it’s wholly concentrated and also condensed, note that a tiny goes a long way. Girlfriend shouldn’t sell the totality can as an icy treat, reasoning it’s the indistinguishable of a popsicle. Offering them a clump of frozen juice is a lot at once, and also the sugar contents is overloading for a single sitting.

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How about Apple Cider?

Apple cider is various from apologize juice—and purer, too. So, yes, your dog deserve to have apologize cider. However truthfully, they might not prefer the taste much since it’s an especially acidic, which isn’t appetizing to your canine. However if castle drink it anyway, a couple gulps here, and there won’t do any kind of harm.

Just make certain it doesn’t have added sugar, spices, or alcohol in it. Spices can be an especially troubling throughout the holidays. Cinnamon and nutmeg are the usual additives in most soft cider. While cinnamon is for sure for dogs, nutmeg is toxic.

Avoid anything v alcohol favor the plague. Alcohol contains ethanol—which have the right to be lethal to dogs even in small doses.


Apple Juice and also Dogs: final Thoughts

So, come recap—apples are great snack for her dogs, but apple juice isn’t necessary because of that is acidity and sugar content. If girlfriend do give your dog a bit of to apologize juice, make certain it has minimal sugar and don’t overdo it. A the majority of apple juice could reason an upset stomach and diarrhea.

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If girlfriend have any type of questions or concerns about your dog drink apple juice, call your vet to go over specifics.

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