That is a really recurring question, we are generally asked about it as soon as presenting our 5-string electrical violins. Electric violins v 5 strings have secondary string, i beg your pardon is the C string that is typically used top top violas.

The violin and also viola are both component of the bowed string instrument family, together with the cello and also the dual bass. The viola has actually its place in the middle register of the cable family. The is tuned making use of the very same principle as the violin, in fifths, other than that the is in the reduced fifth.

The violin and also the viola look comparable at very first glance. Because that the average person, that is often complicated to distinguish between the 2 of them, specifically if they space not presented side through side. In fact, there space a many similarities between the viola and the violin:

They are held in the exact same way: top top the shoulderThey have actually the same variety of strings (4 strings)They have a similar shapeThey room played through rubbing a bow top top the strings

And however by looking at the photo below, you will recognize the first difference between a violin and a viola: their size is considerably different.


The viola is read using the crucial of C and also the key of G, when the violin is read using the vital of G. analysis a score based upon these two secrets requires one adaptation due to the fact that you need to learn come decode each of them.

The sound

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Due to its bigger size and the use of a lower string, the viola will develop a lower and darker sound. This sound is also often referred to as softer, rounder, mellow, velvety and richer for the upper and also mid-ranges.

The musical arsenal for the violin is broader. Great composers have given the violin a significant place in their compositions. In one orchestra, the violin plays the melody, when the viola normally serves together an accompaniment instrument.

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It usually doubles the melody that the violin and also replicates the bass of the cello.