Nebraska steering Under the affect (DUI) Laws

The "Cornhusker State" is filled with dramatic absent formations, beautiful prairies, and a nostalgic, pioneering past. In Nebraska, you can see the lush lawns that the Sunken Gardens, exotic pets in the Henry Doorly Zoo, and catch a video game at the sports complicated at the campus of the university of Nebraska. What you can"t do is drink alcohol or use regulated substances and drive your car.

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Like all other states and also the district of Columbia, Nebraska has actually laws prohibiting steering under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. If you are arrested and also convicted that a DUI, the penalties and fines are incredibly high. The moral of the story, don"t drink alcohol or perform drugs and also drive. However if girlfriend do, below is some information on Nebraska"s DUI legislations to help you make an notified decision about your case.

Felony DUI in Nebraska

If a driver has actually been judge of three DUIs within 15 years, any kind of subsequent conviction within that time duration will be an automatic felony DUI . The aftermath of a felony DUI are severe, including a obligated 180 work minimum jail sentence, a 15-year patent revocation, and more.

Mandatory Alcohol Assessment

A driver that is convicted of a DUI will have to pay for a obligated alcohol assessment and could be ordered to to visit a alcohol treatment program at their very own expense. After the driver completes the evaluation, the counselor will certainly send a report to the court v his or she recommendations about treatment. The court will certainly order the driver to monitor the treatment referrals made by the certain agency.

This chart lays out the basics of Nebraska"s DUI laws:

Nebraska DUI Laws: Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits and Implied Consent

"Per Se" BAC Limit0.08 Percent
Zero yongin (Underage) BAC Limit0.02 Percent
Enhanced punish (Aggravated) BAC Limit0.15 Percent
Implied Consent to submit to BAC Test?Yes

Nebraska DUI Laws: pick Penalties

Minimum patent Suspension or Revocation (1st, 2nd, 3rd offense)90 work (6 months if convicted)/ 1 year/ 1 year (15 year if convicted)
Mandatory Alcohol Education, Assessment and TreatmentAssestment is mandatory, therapy is in ~ the court"s discretion based upon the assesment.

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Vehicle Confiscation Possible?No (vehicle immobilization and constant alcohol monitoring)
Ignition Interlock machine Possible?Yes (all convictions)

Nebraska DUI Resources:

Get in Touch v an lawyer to comment on Your DUI case in Nebraska

If friend or someone you know has actually been arrested for a DUI in Nebraska, you have options. A good very first step is to contact an skilled DUI attorney in Nebraska. An proficient DUI attorney in Nebraska will have comprehensive knowledge the the state"s laws and also be able come look for any possible defenses come the charges versus you.