Pyrotechnics are wonderful distress signals. However, over there is potential because that injury and also property damage if not handled properly. This devices produce a an extremely hot flame, and the residue can reason burns and also ignite flammable materials.

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Pistol-launched and handheld parachute flares and also meteors have actually many attributes of a firearm and also must be handled with caution. In some states, lock are taken into consideration a firearm and also are prohibited indigenous use. Pyrotechnic gadgets should it is in stored in a cool, dry, and also prominently marked location. If pyrotechnic VDSs space used, they should be dated. Expired VDSs may be brought on board, however a minimum of 3 unexpired VDSs need to be lugged in the vessel.

Orange acting (Handheld): day Signal


Orange smoke (Floating): day Signal


Red Meteor: Day and Night Signal


Red Flare: Day and also Night Signal

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