Discus and also support Will uninstalling Minecraft delete my worlds? in XBoX Games and also Apps to solve the problem; i think i should uninstall minecraft on my Xbox one, and install it again. Will this delete my civilizations that me and my brother have on seperate...Discussion in "XBoX Games and Apps" started by Jer Jer binksJr, Jul 1, 2019.

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I think i have to uninstall minecraft on mine Xbox one, and install that again. Will certainly this delete my worlds that me and my brother have actually on seperate accounts, or will the civilizations be there as soon as I reinstall Minecraft? This is Minecraft (Bedrock) Im talk about.Thanks! :)

Your human beings won't it is in deleted unless you manually go under to the delete world button within the Minecraft menus itself. The just other method to delete the worlds, would certainly be to manually delete the cloud conserved data. For this reason in short, uninstalling the video game is okay... And also nothing will certainly be deleted and you deserve to come earlier and reinstall that at any kind of time and also everything will certainly be appropriate where girlfriend left it!

Your human beings should it is in stored top top the cloud, therefore uninstalling the video game should have actually no effect on them.Thank You!

Hi,i receommend perform these stepsPerforme a power cycle Delete her profile indigenous xbox and also sign ago inDelete local save data from tough drive Uninstall Minecraft and re-install Reset and also keep my gamings & apps Reset and remove everything
Thanks, however I'm not a component of the Minecraft Beta program. Ns still closed mine xbox insider account, uninstalled the insider app, uninstalled minecraft, hard reset the xbox, downloaded minecraft again and also that didn't solve the problem.

minecraft no Uninstall xbox


will uninstalling minecraft delete worlds

, will certainly uninstalling minecraft indigenous xbox one delete mine progress?, will unintalling minecraft from my xbox one delete mine worlds
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