1. You’ve been trying to acquire her earlier via text

It’s only organic that after a break up, a man is going to miss out on his ex.

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He’s going to be thinking about her and remembering every the good times they had together and also how that felt around her.

As a result, and he’s going to desire to fix things with her so the he can get her back and not lose access to those enjoyable feelings.

Yet, that might also be emotion a little worried that she won’t want to talk to him on the phone.

So, he may think other like, “If I contact her and also tell her that I miss her, she can take it together a sign that ns trying to push her into a relationship. She could then close herself off from me and I will certainly lose every little thing chance i still have with her. ~ above the various other hand, if I message her, she will certainly appreciate the truth that I’m not being a pushy ex boyfriend. The will additionally give her time to procedure her feelings for me and hopefully realize the she misses me and also wants me ago too. She will certainly then be much more open to working points out with me.”

As a result, he will certainly stick to texting her.

She might reply to part texts, yet she will at some point go cold and lose interest.


Well, this is the thing…

When a woman division up through a guy, the usually due to the fact that she’s disconnected from her sexual and also romantic feelings because that him.

So, when she it s okay an “I miss out on you” message from him, quite than think, “It feels good to hear the he misses me. I deserve to now recognize to myself the I miss him too and if us both feeling the same way, maybe there’s a possibility we can work things out in between us ~ all,” she instead thinks points like, “What is that expecting me come do? walk he now want me to choose up the phone and call him and say ‘I’m so happy you said me, because I miss out on you too?’ If this is his idea of do the efforts to gain me back, he is in for a huge surprise! no he realize the it’s going to take it a lot more than telling me that he misses me to make me pardon him and open back up to the idea the being v him again? i’m not just going to fall for that again based on the truth that he’s absent me. For all i know, he’s just saying that due to the fact that he misses the means I offered to pick up after him/my cooking/the idea of having actually a woman easily accessible for sex any time the wanted. However, I’m not his maid/cook/sex toy and also it’s going to take it a lot more than one ‘I miss you’ text to to convince me the he’s readjusted and is willing to be the type of man I want him come be and right now, ns not convinced at all! Instead, every I watch is a male who doesn’t even have the balls to contact me ~ above the phone call or speak to me in person. Instead, he’s simply hiding behind message messages and also hoping I will certainly make it basic for him by informing him that I miss out on him too. Fine that’s no going come happen! If that wants one more chance through me, he is going to have actually to show me that he’s the male I want and also so far, the only thing he’s achieved is to to convince me that ns made the best decision by breaking up with him.”

She then responds to him in a negative way and speak him the she doesn’t desire him.

So, if your ex is speak something prefer that to you, it might be due to the fact that you’re make the efforts to acquire her earlier via text.

However, not only won’t that work-related if she’s shed touch with her feelings for you (i.e. Due to the fact that she’ll automatically perceive that in a negative light), she will likely also feel annoyed the you don’t treatment enough about her do the effort to at the very least talk to she on the phone.

Remember: friend can’t correctly re-attract an ex mrs (who doesn’t want you) via text.

Texts have the right to help, however you must never usage them together your main way of gaining her back.

If you’re serious about getting your ex back, you should start reactivating her feelings that respect, attraction and love for you.

The best method to do that is by calling her on the phone and then adhering to through v a satisfy up, wherein you can re-attract her, face-to-face.

When she deserve to see because that herself that you really room a brand-new and improved man now, it i do not care a lot less complicated for her to want you back, due to the fact that she can see that she’s no getting ago with the same guy that she damaged up with.

You are various now, so it’s like she’s getting a brand-new kind of male (i.e. One the she feel a lot more respectful towards and attracted to).

So, remember: If you shot to accomplish it every via text, nothing be surprised if she keeps pushing you away and also saying points like, “Sorry, but I don’t want you anymore. You should accept it and stop bothering me.”

Another possible reason why her ex doesn’t want you is…

2. She deserve to see that you haven’t changed


Sometimes, a guy can think that telling his ex that he misses she is the means to go about getting she back.

Essentially, he’s hoping she will certainly think something follow me the currently of, “I miss out on him too! I understand we have actually some ingredient we have to work out, yet the pains of being without the is much worse 보다 what we have to fix. Now that I know he quiet cares because that me too, we can forget around the break up and give ours relationship one more try,” and then come rushing earlier to him.

Yet, it hardly ever works out that way.

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Even if a woman does miss her ex, the first thing she’s going to look the end for as soon as he interacts v her (e.g. Via text, social media and especially over the phone and also in person), is even if it is he has understood some of she subtle, deeper factors for breaking up v him and also what he’s done to readjust and improve based on his new-found understanding.