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What does I love you come the moon and also back mean?

I love you to the moon and also back, periodically shortened come love you come the moon and also back, is used to express the vastness that one’s affection for another.

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It’s not specifically clear as soon as the hyperbolic expression emerged, but a character delivers a kind of the in Tom Topor’s 1979 play Nuts: “When i was a small girl, I supplied to say to her, ‘I love you to the moon and also down again and around the world and back again.’ and also she offered to say to me, ‘I love you to the sun and down again and around the stars and back again.’”

The phrase, which uses the celestial feat and distance to heighten and also dramatize the level of love, may have been boosted by space exploration and also the moon landing in the 1960s. An main NASA document, because that instance, supplied the expression to the moon and also back when describing a routine in 1969, and the certain phrase has a smattering of instances throughout the years prior.

Whatever its an exact origins, the saying spread out in the 1990–2000s, as evidenced by its usage in popular culture. In 1992, the tape Spectrum exit a tune titled “(I Love You) come the Moon and Back.” The template of a parent’s love because that their child is also reflected in the 1994 picture book Guess how Much i Love You? In the book, a small hare speak his father “I love you appropriate up to the moon,” and also the dad replies “I love you best up come the moon – and back.”

The composer man Adams had actually a chorus of children repeat “I love you to the moon and back,” in a piece he wrote in solution to the 9/11 terrorist attack. In 2003, linguists offered I love you to the moon and also back as an example of one of the many uses of the preposition to, which suggests that the expression was in usual conversational use by that point.

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The very first uses the love you come the moon and back top top Twitter show up in the autumn of 2008. Early on examples encompass expressions the affection both in between parents and children, but also between romantic partners. Through the 2010s, love you come the moon and ago was prevalent enough that that spawned sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek commentary about the finite distance expressed (suggesting the phrase refers come a limited love as well). Nonetheless, human being have continued to use the expression or sport on it, in earnest. In 2014, Dolly Parton exit a track “From here to the Moon and Back” with the lyric “From here to the moon and also back, that else in this people will love you like that?”. The following year, Amelia Wepworth created a children’s publication titled I Love You come the Moon and Back about a bear and also cub.