For college student in qualities 3 and also up, the leap indigenous multiplication to department can it is in hard! This write-up explains what department is, together with the various parts of a department problem (quotient, divisor, and also dividend) and how to use the standard algorithm for division. Included are two lessons come introduce and develop the ide to your students. Both lessons are designed to exercise fluently dividing multi-digit numbers using the traditional algorithm, a standard usual in qualities 5–6.

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Comparing division and Multiplication

In order to teach division, it commonly helps to begin with multiplication. The mathematics expression 3 × 5 represents three groups with five items in every group. To find the product, students can develop a version of three teams with 5 items in each group as displayed below.

Ask: Let"s shot another trouble now. What does 68 stand for in 68 ÷ 4?68 ÷ 4 is asking: if you have 68 items and divide lock into groups with 4 item in every group, how many groups would you have? The 68 to represent the total number of items you begin with.Ask: What does 4 stand for in 68 ÷ 4?The 4 to represent how countless items room in every group.Ask: What is 68 ÷ 4?Since this is no a basic department fact, that is unlikely that students will be able to find a exactly quotient. If students execute think they recognize the quotient, have actually them share your thinking. To compare strategies, and share the one typical strategy for performing more complicated division v multi-digit number is making use of the standard algorithm.Ask: If we desire to create 68 ÷ 4 the same method we wrote the typical long department express "54 split by 9," what number would certainly go where 54 is and what number would replace 9?68 would certainly go in location of 54 and 4 in location of 9.Say: When we are separating numbers too large for united state to instantly know the answer to, it is finest to perform the difficulty in several little parts.Say: When completing the long department expression "68 split by 4," remember the 68 is 6 tens and also 8 ones.Show 6 tens so that the entire course can watch them.
Ask: How numerous equal teams of 4 tens deserve to you make?You deserve to make 1 team that will contain 4 tens.Say: Since you deserve to make only 1 group, you compose a 1 end the tens ar in 68.

Say: Since you cannot make additional groups containing four tens, girlfriend will have to regroup the continuing to be 2 because that 20 ones.Show 2 tens being regrouped as 20 people so the the entire class can see. Next, incorporate the 20 ones with the 8 ones.Ask: If we integrate the 20 ones with the 8 ones, how countless ones will we have?28 ones.Ask: How numerous groups with 4 ones in each team can we make indigenous the 28 ones?We can make 7 teams with 4 ones in each group.
Say: Since 7 teams of 4 ones deserve to be made, we compose 7 above the ones place in 68.
Say: Since there are no persons remaining, our quotient is 17. If us make 17 groups with 4 items in every group, us should have a total of 68 items.Have student individually or in pairs do 17 teams with 4 items in each group. Then have actually them counting the total number of items to see if over there are indeed 68.Continue this task using slightly larger numbers. Have the students use their base-ten block to recognize the place value because that the quotient. Mental to constantly have the students inspect their work using your base-ten blocks.

Lesson 2: arising the principle of Division

After utilizing manipulatives to present the department algorithm because that multi-digit numbers, it"s time to develop the concept much more fully. Carry out not rush the advance of this concept. Numerous students struggle with division of multi-digit numbers, and it is crucial to enable students lot of of time to master it.

Materials: Base-ten blocks the all students can see (for example, through an overhead projector); base-ten blocks that students can use

Preparation: Be sure to carry out at least one set of base-ten blocks for each pair that students.

Ask: How deserve to we compose 276 split by 6?276 ÷ 6 or the long department expression with 276 inside the long department symbol and also 6 outside it will most likely be the two notations supplied by the students. Encourage student who shot different representations, such as the fraction 276/6 or a drawn visual model.Ask: Which notation will you use to discover the quotient the 276 divided by 6?Direct college student to use the long division expression to permit them to use the division algorithm.Say: Use her base-ten blocks to stand for 276.
Ask: Let"s start with the hundreds. Because we are separating by 6, we have to make teams containing 6 hundreds. Deserve to this be excellent if us only have 2 hundreds?No. When you cannot make teams from the existing place, friend will need to regroup and also make teams from the following place.Ask: If us regroup the 2 hundreds for tens, how numerous tens would certainly we get? If we include the 7 tens, how numerous tens would that it is in altogether?2 hundreds is identical to 20 tens. If we integrate the 20 tens with 7 tens, we gain 27 tens.Ask: Since we are working with 10s now, how numerous groups of 6 tens can we make from 27 tens? Be certain to usage your base ten blocks.Notice that there are 4 teams of 6 tens with 3 10s left over.
Say: Since we have actually 4 teams of 6 tens, we place a 4 end the tens place in 276.
Ask: If one team of 6 10s is 60, what is 4 teams of 6 10s worth?240. Encourage college student to use their base-ten blocks to show the value.Say: Remember that we started with 276 and also want to divide it by 6. Since we have made four groups, each v 6 tens, we can take 240 away from 276.Ask: How plenty of tens and also ones are left over when we take far the 4 groups of 6 tens?3 tens and also 6 ones space left over.Say: We have the right to do this by creating 240 listed below 276 in our department problem and subtracting.
Ask: What is 276240? What is the value of the base-ten blocks the you have actually left over? What execute you notice about the 2 values?36. This help students watch the connection in between using the base-ten blocks and also the conventional algorithm.Ask: Since us cannot make any an ext groups that 6 tens with the continuing to be base-ten blocks, we have the right to regroup the 3 tens for how plenty of ones?30 ones. In prior of the students, regroup 3 10s as 30 ones.Ask: How numerous ones execute we now have?We have actually 36 ones.Ask: How many groups of 6 ones can we do from 36 ones?We have the right to make 6 groups.Ask: Where perform you think we will certainly write the 6 the represents the 6 groups?The 6 is written over the ones place in 276.Ask: Are there any kind of ones left over?No.Ask: What is the quotient the 276 ÷ 6?46Continue this activity using various numbers. Be certain to usage numbers that perform not usage remainders in ~ first. To reinforce the connection in between multiplication and also division, have students check their work-related using multiplication.

Wrap-Up and Assessment Hints

Students require a great deal of exercise when learning to divide multi-digit numbers. Do not it is in in a rush because that students to put away your manipulatives when learning this difficult concept. This have the right to be a make the efforts time in countless students" mathematical development!

As a teacher, execute not be discouraged by slow progress. Remember, this may be the an initial time countless of her students have ever before encountered the concept. Your job is to take the necessary time and effort to encourage students to discover this process. As lot as possible, shot to said different division problems to your students. If they"re interested in basketball, because that example, have them divide groups of football player or basketballs. Additionally, connect division to other topics, such together multiplication, fractions, and also equations, once they appear to reinforce the ide many times.

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Continual assessment as soon as teaching division is necessary and also can take it the type of warm-up problems, digital exercise (for instance with our very own digital math exercise solution, Waggle), or leave tickets, in enhancement to an ext formal evaluate such as quizzes and tests. Return to the concept throughout the year to ensure retention and also build mastery.


Need more ideas to teach what is a divisor in math? in search of more complimentary lessons and activities for elementary and also middle school? Be certain to discover our free Teaching sources hub!