Also, would certainly you usage my instances — v abbreviations because that pounds, ounces, feet, and inches— in official writing?

If not, exactly how would you compose it?



If that is 6′3″ tall, then he’s a 6′3″ man, or a man who stands six foot three. Us don’t say he stands “six ∗feet three”, however rather “six foot three”. An alert we don’t in reality spell out inches there, at least not normally, due to the fact that it’s completely obvious. So we just drop it. Usually.

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Sometimes, though, you execute make both plural due to the fact that it would certainly sound weird to have actually inches however foot rather than feet, for this reason if you say inches in the plural, go ahead and say feet in the plural: “He stands 6 feet, 3 inches tall.”

Assuming he’s human, that you could say that he’s a actual six-footer, that is, due to the fact that only insects space six-feeters (well, six-footed, however still), not males — no matter just how much they bug you.

And if you might have a ten-pound baby, you would say that the baby weight ten pounds. You execute not make the unit plural when using it as a prefix; see?

This is all extended here.

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