Turning her Amazon Kindle on and also off is as straightforward as recognize the power button—except the place of that switch has differed from design to model over the generations. Ourhandy guide will help you, and also we’ve had photos the a variety of models, functioning our means from the latest under to part older vintages.

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How to revolve your Kindle ~ above or off

The process to revolve your Amazon Kindle top top or off is the same regardless of the model or generation. Depress or flick the button, and hold it because that one second. Then, let the go. If her Kindle to be powered off, its display screen will now power on.

Not certain of where your Kindle’s power button is located? This substantial list, arranged by model and moving from the latest to the larger generations, will aid you track it down.

Find the power switch on Kindle

Amazon Kindle (8th and also 10th generations)

Michael Brown/IDG

The Amazon Kindle 4th/5th generation locates the power button along the bottom edge, in the “chin” that likewise includes the charge port.

The Amazon Kindle 4th and 5th generations (DO1100) have a many buttons follow me the bottom the the prior panel. However, the power button is in a thicker “chin” along the bottom edge.

Kindle 2nd generation

The power switch because that the 2nd-generation Kindle is situated on the peak edge that the device, next to the headphone port.

Kindle first generation

You’ll discover the strength switch because that Amazon’s original, 1st-generation Kindle e-reader ~ above the ago of the device, surrounding to its wireless switch and also speaker.

Find the power switch on Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis (8th, 9th and 10th generations)

Melissa Riofrio/IDG

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite sixth generation locates the power button in a “chin” in the center of the bottom edge.

On the 6th-generation Kindle Paperwhite (above), the power button is located in a slightly broader “chin” area follow me the bottom edge, come the best of the charging port.

Kindle Paperwhite (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations)

In the first four generations that the Kindle Paperwhite (not pictured), the power switch is located on the bottom edge of the device, alongside its charging port.

Find the power switch on Kindle Voyage

Kindle voyage (7th generation)

Séamus Bellamy

If your Kindle has a cover, like this 2016 Kindle Oasis does, you have the right to turn that on or put it come sleep by opened or close up door its cover. It’s power switch will still execute the cheat too, though.

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If you own any type of generation that Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, the now-discontinued Kindle Voyage, or the last couple of generations that Amazon’s base version Kindle e-reader, you’ll discover that Amazon’s proprietary Kindle covers and many third-party accessory covers have been designed to turn your an equipment on whenever the sheathe is opened. A magnet in the sheathe interacts with the device, powering the on when the magnet is relocated away indigenous the display. To strength off your device at the end of a reading session, merely close the cover together you would with a book.