How can I transform this negative portion to a hopeful one? that does not matter if the molecule or denominator is an unfavorable of positive, I simply need to remove the key one. However, ns think that $-fracx-2$ is equal to $frac-x-2$, is this true?


For any kind of real number $a$ and $b eq 0$, we have actually $-fracab=frac-ab=fraca-b$. Also, $-frac-ab=-fraca-b=frac-a-b=fracab$.

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Realize that an adverse signs stand for multiplying the number through $-1$. Any portion can be multiplied by $frac aa$ without an altering the value, due to the fact that it equates to one. So, main point your portion by $frac -1-1$ come clear negative signs (or to move them in between the top and bottom).


ns think that $-fracx-2$ is equal to $frac-x-2$, is this true?

Yes, indeed: $$-fracx-2 = -1 imes fracx-2 = frac -11 imes frac x-2 = frac-x-2$$

But you deserve to simplify further: $$frac-x-2 = frac-1 imes x-1 imes 2 = frac x2$$ through cancelling $-1$ that in the numerator and also denominator.


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