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The Nintendo 3DS come packed v a 2 GB SD card, and also the Nintendo 3DS XL consists of a 4 GB SD card. If you favor to download too many of gamings from the 3DS eShop or digital Console, a just 2 GB will fill increase in no time. Also 4 GB it s okay gobbled increase fast.

Fortunately, it’s simple to upgrade since the Nintendo 3DS and also 3DS XL have the right to support third-party SDHC cards approximately 32 GB in size. Plus, you can move her information and downloads to your brand-new card there is no a hassle.

exactly how to Copy and Paste 3DS gamings From One sim Card to one more

Here’s just how to transfer Nintendo 3DS data between two SD cards.

Your computer must have actually an SD card reader for the data transfer to work. If that does not have one, you have the right to buy a USB card reader from most electronic devices retailers.

The SD card slot is on the left next of the Nintendo 3DS. To eliminate it, open up the cover, push the SD card inwards, climate pull it out.

Insert the SD card right into your computer’s SD map reader. Access its components through Windows explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS).

Depending ~ above your operation system, you may receive a pop-up post asking what you’d prefer to carry out with the SD card. You have the right to use this pop-up home window to quickly access the SD card"s files.

You can conveniently highlight all the documents with the Ctrl+A (PC) or Command+A (Mac) keyboard shortcut. Copying can additionally be accomplished with the keyboard using Ctrl+C or Command+C, and also pasting with Ctrl+V or Command+V.

While those documents are copying, insert the new SD card into your 3DS and let that initialize the brand-new card. Then turn off the 3DS again and also eject the new SD card.

Copy all the files from action 4 onto the new SD card, or drag-and-drop the records from your computer onto the new SD card.

Once copying is done, open the folder referred to as “Nintendo 3DS”. Open up the folder called with a lengthy string of letters and also numbers. You will certainly see 2 folders. One is for the old card and one because that the new card. The old map folder has a larger document size. Copy the components (not the folder) that the old card folder to the brand-new card folder. Delete the old map folder to conserve space.

Remove the SD map from your computer and also insert it right into your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL. All her data have to be just as girlfriend left it, yet now with many extra space.

just how to Network deliver Data in between Nintendo 3DS solution

Here’s how to transport Nintendo 3DS data end a residence network.

The complying with procedure functions on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS systems. Before beginning this process, insert the new SD card right into the target system where you want to move the data.

On the source system, go to the Home menu and also select the System Settings icon. Pick Open > Other Settings > 3 > System Transfer.

If girlfriend haven't connected your Nintendo Network ID, you'll need to do so. If you currently have, select Next and also enter your Nintendo network ID and password.

On the location system, walk to the Home menu, then select the System Settings icon. Choose Open > Other settings > 3 > System Transfer.

Back ~ above the resource system, choose the mechanism to send the data carry to, then select Yes to expropriate the transfer. Select Next to continue, then choose Yes come confirm. Pick the blue Transfer switch to start the data transfer.

On the target system, select Delete to confirm that it's it s okay to delete every data top top the target system's SD card. Choose the blue Delete button, then pick Yes to start the transfer.

If have sufficient room ~ above the card, you can transfer data and also select Do no Delete. Even if you perform not delete data, you will still must reinstall existing games on the target system.

When the data transfer is finished, choose OK on the target mechanism to restart it and complete the transfer.

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Now the you've transferred all of the data, you can eject your SD map from the source system and insert it right into the target. Now all of the gamings you play on the source Nintendo DS will job-related on the new one.