There’s honestly nothing much better than a steaming bowl of chili to overcome your hunger pangs.

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Whether you have it v baked potatoes, cornbread, or ~ above its own, it’s the ultimate hearty food that warms up her soul.

I love to make chili top top the weekends. However, at times, our residential antics result in the chili ending up being too soupy because that our liking.

After all, who likes to have runny chili? definitely not us!


If you space wondering what to do with her soupy chili, then read on to find out just how to thicken chili in ~ home!

How to Thicken Chili in 4 different Ways

There are plenty of ways come thicken chili at home.

It is really up to you and the ingredients you have in your kitchen to decide which method to use.

So, just how to thicken up chili at home? right here are 4 different and easy ways to thicken chili:

1. Alleviate It

The very first way to thicken chili is nice simple, and also you don’t also need any added ingredients because that it.

Simply eliminate the lid of her chili pot and enable the chili to simmer ~ above medium warmth for a great 40 come 60 minutes.

For this method, you space using the magic of evaporation to slowly reduce the amount of liquid in her chili.

What’s an excellent about this method is the it permits the remaining, thickened chili to have actually a strong, concentrated, and unadulterated chili flavor.

Pro Tip: To alleviate the time and bring the closer to 25 to 30 minutes, girlfriend can even increase the flame. However, make sure not come let it concerned a complete boil.

2. Create and also Mix in a Cornstarch Slush

The second method requires producing a cornstarch slush and adding it to her chili.

It will offer your chili a glossy appearance, yet will not influence its flavor, if that is mixed in proportionately.

Things You will Need1 tablespoon of cornstarch1 tablespoon that cold waterChiliA bowlInstructionsFirst, you should mix the cornstarch right into the cold water to kind a cornstarch slush. Keep stirring it till the mixture is free of lumps.Slowly line the mixture right into your chili pot and heat that over tool to medium-high flame. Wait because that the chili to type bubbles after ~ a few minutes. This way that your chili has actually started come thicken.You can include in much more of the cornstarch mixture if required.After it has actually thickened, cook the chili for about 2 more minutes. This will enable the cornstarch to breakdown completely.

Pro Tip: If you have actually a big batch the chili, with more than 2 cup (500 ml) of excess liquid, then you will require twice the mentioned amount the cornstarch mixture. Additionally, make sure not to include a most the cornstarch mixture together that will undermine the smell of her chili.

3. Mix in Tomato Paste

This an approach of thickening chili needs mixing some tomato paste right into the chili during the food preparation process.

Things You will certainly NeedA teaspoon of granulated sugarA 6-oz (180-ml) deserve to of tomato pasteChiliInstructionsAdd a teaspoon of sugar right into your chili pot. The street will balance out the tanginess that the tomato paste. It will also include a mildly sweet taste to your chili, making it much more flavorful.Gradually line the tomato paste into the chili throughout the last 30 minutes of cooking it.Take 3 turns come stir in the tomato paste, small by small after every 10 minutes. Make certain to completely stir the chili.Check the consistency that the chili before adding an ext paste to ensure the you don’t make it too thick.

Pro Tip: Make sure to perform a taste check after including in the tomato paste. If the taste of your chili has actually some kick missing, then make certain to include in some an ext seasoning come spruce up the chili.

4. Add Beans

The last way to thicken chili involves adding home-cooked or crate beans right into it.

Things You will Need1/2 cup of white kidney or pinto beansA blenderChiliInstructionsSmash the kidney bean or puree castle in a blender.Stir the pureed beans right into the chili and mix it until the dish has actually attained the forced thickness.

If her chili dish currently has beans, here’s what you can do:

Strain out fifty percent a cup of the beans and also blend lock in your blender.Return the pureed beans to the chili mixture and let it cook for about 5 minutes.Make sure to row the chili occasionally.

Pro Tip: be alert once blending warm beans in the blender. Make sure to manage the cover v a kitchen towel to stop burning yourself.

Check the end these articles:

Does Chili yes, really Taste better the adhering to Day?

It certain does! This is due to the fact that throughout cooking, the spices have very little time to marry through the various other ingredients.

When you remainder the chili overnight, the meat in the chili absorbs the smell of the seasoning and spices and enhances the as whole flavor.

Moreover, if resting, the chili develops into a thick mixture, which renders it taste even an ext divine.

What makes Chili Taste Great?

Even despite chili is a combination of scrumptious meat and delicious spices, girlfriend can include a few secret ingredient to your chili to do it taste even better.

Brine or Vinegar

Stir in a few tablespoons the brine indigenous a jug of pickled jalapeños in her chili to give it a nice kick of flavors.

You can also add some white vinegar to accomplish this burst of flavor.


Yes, you read that right! Sometimes, I include cocoa flour or also unsweetened baking coco to my chili.

It add to a ethereal bass keep in mind of flavor to it, which perfect complements the spicy and also acidic flavor.

Take a look in ~ these impressive chili recipes from coastline to coast!

Mistakes come Avoid once Making Chili

Here space some mistakes that you need to avoid to do delicious chili in ~ home.

1. Using Stale Spices

You want your chili to have actually a new and strong flavor. Floor spices lose their solid flavor after approximately 6 months, for this reason they won’t include the essential punch to your chili.

So, make certain to usage freshly ground seasonings to season her chili.

You can buy totality spices and also toast and also grind lock on the day you decision to make chili at home.

2. Not cooking the chili lengthy enough

Chili is a food that needs patience and also slow cooking. You need to chef your chili for at the very least an hour come ensure that the meat is tender and full that flavor.

This is why a crock-pot or slow cooker is the ideal dish to cook your chili in.

Read this post to uncover out much more mistakes come avoid once making chili.

If girlfriend are short on time and also can’t do chili at home, climate you can make execute with part delicious canned chili.

The Bottom Line

If you room wondering exactly how to thicken chili without damaging its flavor, then carry out review the easy means to thicken chili the I have mentioned above.

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To sum it up, here’s how you deserve to thicken homemade chili:

You deserve to reduce itYou can include in a cornstarch and also water mixtureYou can mix in tomato dough to thicken itYou can include kidney or pinto bean to it

We hope you delighted in reading this write-up on exactly how to thicken chili in 4 straightforward ways.