Mowing a lawn with a riding mower is the most convenient way. Yet when friend lose, rest or damages the mower key, that turns right into a nightmare to begin the lawnmower. 

No should be worried. I have actually some options for girlfriend to begin your speak mower without using the key. Appears great! 

A concern now may arise in your mind, “How to begin a lawn mower there is no key?”. I guess you are here to know the answer to this question. If so, then halt searching here and also there. 

Because in this article, ns will shot to cover all the proven remedies to begin the lawnmower without using the key. To trust me, after analysis this article, starting your lawnmower there is no the crucial will be a piece of cake because that you. 

So, why late? Let’s begin the mower. 

In this content you’ll learn:

A complete Guideline To start A Lawn Mower there is no Key

A complete Guideline To begin A Lawn Mower there is no Key

All the talk lawn mower comes through a an essential to get a practically start. In fact, the vital is one indispensable part to start a riding lawnmower. 

Apart from starting the mower, there are two reasons why all the riding mowers come with a key. One is it offers a security feature and also the various other is that serves as a protective security device. 

However, if you shed the an essential or rest the vital inside the ignition switch, climate you must think of various ways to begin the mower. 

Let’s have a look in ~ how plenty of ways space in her hands if you lose or break the crucial of her lawnmower. 

Using a jumper cable to begin the mower.

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Using a screwdriver rather of the mower key. Putting a brand-new mower ignition move in place. 

Get yourself ready to start your talk lawn mower without the mower ignition key. Let’s recognize all the procedures in detail.

Using A Jumper Cable To begin The Mower

Using a jumper cable is one effective way to begin the lawnmower there is no keys. However you have to be much more careful once you decision to usage a jumper cable. Because in this process, you require to address the mower battery.

Before jumpstarting the mower, friend are required to have some tools. Let’s see what you need to finish the whole process. 

Required tools: 

A jumper cableCleaners for battery postPliers Rubber made hand glovesGoggles 

Now, monitor the action by step procedure to complete the job flawlessly. 

Steps to walk ahead: 

Step #1: Prepare Lawn Mower For utilizing Jumper Cable

Take the lawnmower into an even surface and engage the mower parking mode. Disengage the mower blade also. Enable all the mechanisms collection up for safety procedures so that the lawnmower can remain stable throughout working. 

Step #2: find Out Mower Battery

Take off the lawnmower engine hood and find out the mower battery. 

Step #3: Unplug Cables the Solenoid

Unplug both cables red as well as the black from the solenoid 2 electric posts. 

Step #4: Clean The Battery Posts

Use the cleaner to remove any kind of kind that dirt and corrosion that deposits in the articles of the mower battery. 

Step #5: Reconnect the Cables

After cleaning, connect both cables again. 

Step #6: affix The black Jumper Cable

Attach the one finish of the black color jumper cable to the negative terminal the the mower battery. And also attach another end to any metal the the mower deck. 

Step #7: connect The Red Jumper Cable

Now, the time to affix the red shade jumper cable. Attach the one finish of the red shade jumper cable come the positive terminal that the mower battery and touch an additional end come the metal section at the starter the the mower. 

Step #8: Disconnects The Cables

When friend hear the starting sound the the mower engine, detach the red shade cable first. After that detach the black color cable as well. Lower the lawnmower engine hood and close it. 

Done! your mower is currently ready for mowing. 

Using a screwdriver rather of the mower key

Two methods are most commonly used once anyone uses a screwdriver rather of a traditional key start. Let’s have actually a look in ~ both techniques in detail. 

1st method: 

Enable the lawn mower parking brake and disengage the mower blades. Take off the lawnmower engine hood and find the end the mower battery as well as the ignition coil. You will find a tiny box attached to the mower engine compartment side. Take the screwdriver and use it as a bridge for the starting purpose of the lawnmower. Use a screwdriver choose a bridge if the gap in between the mower starter and the mower solenoid is to it is in engaged.Touch the head of the driver to affix the starter come the mower solenoid. Eventually, the mower will certainly run without making any type of contact v the screwdriver. 

2nd method: 

Use the driver as the replacement of the mower key. Insert the driver in the mower keyhole carefully. Now, turn the screwdriver as with you turn the mower vital in the keyhole. The mower will start immediately. 

Hurray! currently your mower is fully ready to roar again. 

Putting a new mower ignition switch in place

If you shed the an essential and don’t have actually the proper knowledge about the above-mentioned processes, then replacing the mower ignition switch is the mere systems for you. 

Sometimes the lawnmower manufacturers nothing supply any kind of spare an essential with the lawnmower. It is why this is the ultimate solution for you. 

Just take your lawnmower to the adjacent mower repairing shop. The technician will remove the mower old or damaged ignition switch and also install a new one. Once you install a new ignition move in her lawnmower, you will acquire a vital to start the lawnmower. 

That’s all. Her lawnmower is prepared to regime over your lawn again. 


Always try to download the manufacturer’s encourage parts as soon as you replace any parts of her lawnmower. Don’t forget to remove the mower crucial from the mower ~ shutting under the lawnmower. 


Wear safety equipment (hand gloves, goggles, ear protection) when you do any repair to your lawnmower. Don’t touch the steel of the screwdriver when you use it to connect the mower starter and also the solenoid. 

Final thoughts

Now, choose the most suitable option native the above-mentioned processes.

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The choices are no so difficult to do however you need to follow the instructions to avoid any kind of kind of unexpected accidents. 

Hopefully, this post has provided you the specific information on just how to start a lawn mower there is no key. 

Now, every the processes are at your fingertips. Pick the perfect one and also start the lawnmower without any kind of key.