When performing eye blower or lawn mower maintenance, girlfriend may uncover that the timing on your small engine is off, resulting in your outdoor power tools to not duty at full capacity.

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Timing refers to the ignition and also the process by i beg your pardon the spark plugs fire, creating a spark in the tiny engine burning chamber. The spark need to fire as soon as the best air-fuel mixture is in the chamber, providing the many power for her fuel. The timing should be at the correct setup for her lawn mower or eye blower to carry out at top level, affecting the speed and efficiency at which the engine fires.

It’s feasible to adjust your engine’s timing through a time light and a set of wrenches; tools obtainable at any type of auto or lawn mower parts store.

It is vital that the marks match, EXACTLY. One note will it is in on the peak of a this on the gear, the matching mark will be uncovered on the bottom the a this on the other gear.

When performing the valve timing, that is unnecessary come be came to with piston position (it will certainly NOT usually be at TDC once doing this).

For much more details regarding your little engine specifications and technical servicing information have the right to be found in yourBriggs & Stratton fix Manual. The correct Repair hands-on for her engine model is often noted in your engine'sIllustrated parts Listor found through your local Briggs & Stratton Dealer.

If you’re unable to locate your model number to evaluation your hands-on please visit ourIdentify Your small Engine model Numberpage for assist getting started.





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