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NOTES:* The Ironman Transit+ might ship in ‘Sleep Mode’ to conserve battery power.

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Press and hold any button for 2-3 seconds to wake up up the watch.** lengthy exposure come salt water and also sunlight may an outcome in discoloration over time.

Press button C to change modes.The succession of modes is > Time, Workout, exercise Data, Chrono, Timer, Alarm.Button E is specifically for heart rate measurement.EASY TOUCH love RATE:Heart rate deserve to be measured using electrodes ~ above the watch the are located on the steel case ago and button E. In stimulate to examine your heart rate you should be attract the watch on her wrist with the case ago in good contact v your skin.In any mode, except setup mode, press and also hold switch E with your finger for around 8-10 seconds to measure your heart rate. The love rate symbol will flash on the display to indicate that heart price is being measured.

GUIDELINES for MEASURING love RATE:Do no measure heart price underwater.Always push the sensor, button E, straight with the finger. The finger should press the button E through the watch worn tightly around the wrist.If your fingers are really cold this might influence the time it takes to take your heart price measurement.If friend have an extremely dry skin, moisten the fingertip and also the skin on the wrist with some water.The use of hand creams and also lotions can influence the heart price measurement.Clean the back of the watch from time to time with a couple of drops that water and also wipe the dry through a towel to remove any kind of grease or oils.If the article “do not move” is displayed, shot to slow-moving down your body motion in order to take a much more accurate heart price measurement.The heart rate measurement might not work-related correctly if you have an rarely often rare heartbeat.

Heart rate will be presented with unit BPM (Beats every Minute) and also at the same time % that Max.Heart price is shown at the bottom ideal corner.The maximum pulse is calculated together below:Example: period = 50Maximum pulse = 220 – ageMaximum pulse = 220 – 50 = 170The % of the preferably pulse is calculated as below:Example: Pulse = 102% that the maximum pulse = pulse x 100 / best pulse% that the preferably pulse = 102 x 100 / 170 = 60 %HEART price ALARM:Heart rate borders can be set in the Run setting setting. There room three levels because that selection. You additionally can manually adjust the lower and also upper limits for the heart price in setup mode.If the measure heart rate is the end of the boundary and also Heart rate Alert is set to On, then, over there is a beep alert and also flashing symbol alert ~ above the LCD.DAILY task TRACKER:The watch will monitor her daily activity every day, tracking her Steps, Distance and Calories burned.You can view the records for the ahead 7 days.In Time mode, press button B to view daily task data (Step, Distance and Calories).Press button D come activate the last 7 work recall function. Climate press switch B come recall the last 7 days’ info one by one. Press switch D to evaluation the data of “Step”, “Distance” and “Calories” for the day. All activity data will certainly be clearing to zero at 12am each day.TIME MODE:Press button C till the screen shows “TIME”. The watch will go into the time screen view with Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Weekday, Month, Date, and Day.

Press switch B to begin measurement because that the exercise. The post “START” will display at the upper row because that 2 seconds. Push B again to protect against the measurement. The blog post “STOP” will be shown for 2 secs on the top row. Use button B because that the run and also stop operation.Press button D to pick the check out for various other data such as speed (Spd), PACE, STEP, Calorie (CAL), Clock (CLK), and Distance (dIST).If exercise is stopped, press and also hold button D to clear every data and be ready for the next new measurement.When the workout is stopped, press and also hold button A to get in the Workout setup mode. The heart price training level will start to flash. Push buttons B or D to readjust the level. There room three level for heart rate setting. Press button C to choose next setup field. The setup sequence is Heart rate Training Level, Heart price Zone High, Heart price Zone Low, Zone alert on/off, action Target.Press button B come increase setting digits and D to decrease the setup digits.Press and hold switch A to exit the setup mode.WORKOUT DATA MODE:Press switch C until the setting prompt reflects “WORK DATA”. Exercise data deserve to be retrieved and also displayed.

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Press button B to recall Data “CHRONO – DIST”, “CAL – STEP” , “PACE”, “BEST PACE” and also “SPEED”.Remark: CHRONO is workout Time.CHRONOGRAPH MODE:Press button C until the mode prompt shows “CHRO”. The watch will go into the chronograph display with prompt “CHRONO” shown on the top row. The time of the Chronograph is displayed at the reduced row.Press button D to choose the segment native SG-1 come SG-6.Press button B to begin or stop the timer operation.Press and hold button D while the timer is stopped to clean all counting downtime and also reload the preset times again.In Timer mode, press and hold button C to go into the Loop Timer setup mode. Press button C to pick the data for setting. Press buttons B or D to readjust the selected setting digits. The setting sequence is Timer Segment No, Timer Second, Timer Minute, Timer Hour.Press and hold button C again to exit the setting mode.The timer alarm beep sound will be produced when each timer counts under to zero. The following segment of the timer will be loaded and also start to count down automatically. The number of loops is 20. The timer will stop automatically.DAILY alarm MODE:Press switch C till the setting prompt shows “ALRM”. The Alarm-1 notice “AL-1” will be displayed at the upper row. The alarm time is displayed at the lower row.
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