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metal stud framing details

Photo 1: cut the metal studs and also tracks

Cut both next flanges of a steel stud, making use of straight-cut aviation snips. Then bend one flange up-clear that the snips’ jaws-and cut throughout the stud’s web. For easier electrical and also plumbing installations, later on, save all the keyhole knockouts set by cutting all stole studs to length from the very same end. Safeguard your hands v heavy-duty gloves.

Scoring a stole stud v a energy knife

Photo 2: Layout and fasten the tracks

Fasten stole tracks to concrete using 1-1/4 in. Hex-head concrete screws. Lay the end the position of the track, to win chalk lines, and drill a hole with the metal and into the concrete the complete length of the screw. Usage a hammer drill fitted v a carbide tipped masonry bit. Collection screws an initial at each end of the steel framing track and then every 3 ft. Along the track. Overlap track corners by notching the first track’s flange therefore the overlapping track have the right to slide into place. Top top long, straight runs, overlap adjoining monitor 6 in. And secure the overlap to the floor through a concrete screw.

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stud wall surface framing

Photo 3: Mark, clamp, then screw

Join steel studs to tracks by clamping the 2 members tightly through C-clamp locking pliers and also driving a 1/2-in. No. 8 pan-head screw in the middle where lock meet. Journey the screws at tool speed. Choose a clutch setting strong enough to journey the screw home but not so solid that it strips the screw hole and also weakens the joint.