The renowned Chinese thinker Confucius stated, “A an excellent name will bring about a good life (정명순행-正名順行).” Many asian countries put an emphasis on names–Korea included. Surname are necessary to Koreans. And for those of friend interested in recognize out much more about oriental names, creating your surname in the oriental alphabet, or also putting together your really own korean name, well, don’t go anywhere, together this short article is your one-stop guide about Korean names!

We’ll be honest with you—one of the inquiries we get asked the many on is on — yes, you guessed it — names. The most generally asked inquiries include:

“How do you write an English surname in Korean?” “Is it feasible to make a surname up and also ask native Koreans to use it?”“Are there any type of Korean names the sound prefer English names?”

Well, remainder assured, due to the fact that we’ve finally put together a short article that will be the answer come all your questions.

Ask Us just how to compose Your surname in Korean!


Want to know how to compose your name in Korean? just ask us! We’ll create your surname in Korean.

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Write her name in the English alphabet. Our korean teachers could not have the ability to read the otherwise.If your name is pronounced in different way from the spelling, you re welcome let us recognize the pronunciation.

How deserve to you ask? First, log in in come Then, merely leave a talk about this page.  obtain Your oriental Name


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Table that Contents


1. Essential Rules for composing Your name in Korean



A. Each Syllable Should have actually One Consonant and also One vowel at Least.

One common mistake that we see civilization making while trying to figure out just how to compose their surname in oriental is the they try to compose their names follow to the method it is spelled. However actually, you must write it follow to exactly how your name is pronounced. discover Korean pronunciation the sounds similar to her actual name.

Let’s take it the surname Jane for example. If you try to romanize the in korean as the is order (which would certainly be ‘ja-ne’), it would be sound like ‘자-네’, which yes, really doesn’t sound anything choose ‘Jane’.

Here, you may autumn into your very first dilemma. Korean indigenous must covers a consonant and also vowel sound. However, some names has only a consonant sound. In this case, just add the oriental vowel ‘ㅡ (eu)‘. For example, chris sounds like ‘kris’ so that would come to be ‘크리스 (keu-ri-seu)’ by adding ‘eu’ to ‘k’ and also ‘s’.

Chris sounds choose Kris. It’s K + ri + s.Add ㅡ (eu) to a consonant the doesn’t have actually a collection sound.It becomes Keu + ri + seu, which is 크리스 in Korean.

This rule additionally applies to names that consists of a syllable the starts v ‘t’. For example, if you desire to compose the name Trina in Korean, just include ‘eu’ come the ‘t’ sound and you will obtain ‘트리나 (teu-ri-na)’.

Trina is T + ri + na.Add ㅡ (eu) come a consonant the doesn’t have a collection sound.It becomes Teu + ri + na, i m sorry is 트리나 in Korean.


B. An ‘R’ at the end of the syllable is Silent.

Now, friend may have actually noticed the the ‘r’ sound in ~ the finish of ‘Trevor (트레버)’ go not present up in the oriental equivalent. This is due to the fact that you do not need to add the consonant ‘ㄹ’ in ~ the end of the rate if that ends with ‘r’. Some say that this is since there are not so numerous hangul names through the batchim ‘ㄹ’ at the end. Others say the this is due to the rules collection by the national Institute of oriental Language, i beg your pardon designates that obtained words (외래어) and also names be written in a certain way to avoid confusion.

No matter what the reason, remember not to include the batchim ‘ㄹ’ if the valuation ends through ‘r’. below are some instances of names the should apply this rule:

The name Peter will be romanized as pi-teo and written in oriental as ‘피터 (pi-teo)’, not ‘피털’.Alexander will be romanized as a-lek-san-deo and written as ‘알렉산더 (alreksandeo)’, no ‘알렉산덜’


C. One ‘H’ at the end of the syllable is Silent.

If her name ends v an ‘h’, it will end up being silent. Example: Hannah will be composed as ‘한나 (hanna)’, not ‘한낳’.


D. A ‘SH’ at the finish of the Syllable have the right to be either ‘시’ or ‘쉬’.

Other tricky names to compose in korean would it is in those that finish with ‘sh’. In this case, you can use either ‘시 (si)’ or ‘쉬 (swi)’. Because that example:Josh could be created as ‘조시 (josi)’ or ‘조쉬 (joswi)’


E. A ‘P’ or one ‘PH’ at the end of the Syllable deserve to be either ‘ㅂ’ or ‘프’.

If her name ends through a ‘p’ or ‘ph’, you can use one of two people the batchim ‘ㅂ’ or ‘프’, relying on your preference. For example, the name Joseph is more commonly composed as ‘조셉 (josep)’ in Korean, however you will likewise see people writing it together ‘조세프 (josepeu)’.Another instance would it is in Phillip, ‘필립 (pillip)’, i beg your pardon is even used as a indigenous Korean name. However you could write it together ‘필리프 (pillipeu)’. (Again, ‘필립’ is used much more commonly.)


F. A ‘T’ at the finish of the Syllable deserve to be one of two people ‘ㅅ’ or ‘트’.

Names that have actually a syllable that ends with ‘t’ can be written as one of two people ‘ㅅ’ or ‘트’. For example:Scott could be created as ‘스콧 (seukot)’ or ‘스코트 (seukoteu)’Matt might be written as ‘맷 (maet)’ or ‘매트 (maeteu)’


G. ‘F’ is Pronounced together ‘P (ㅍ)’.

There is no ‘f’ sound in Korean, therefore names that start with ‘f’ will certainly be written utilizing the consonant ‘ㅍ’ , along with names that start with ‘p’. For example:Felicity will certainly be created in oriental as ‘펠리시티 (pellisiti)’Pamela will certainly be composed in korean as ‘파멜라 (pamella)’


H. ‘V’ is Pronounced as ‘B (ㅂ)’.

There is no ‘v’ sound in Korean, so syllables that begin with ‘v’ will be written making use of the consonant ‘ㅂ’ , in addition to names that have actually ‘b’. For example:Vanessa will be created in korean as ‘바네사 (banesa)’.Becky will certainly be composed in oriental as ‘베키 (beki)’.Steve will certainly be created in korean as ‘스티브 (seutibeu)’.


I. ‘Z’ is Pronounced together ‘J (ㅈ)’.

Names that start with ‘j’ or ‘z’ will be written using the consonant ‘ㅈ’. Because that example:Joe will be written in korean as ‘조 (jo)’.Jack and also Zack will both be written in korean as ‘잭 (jaek)’.


J. ‘One together + Vowel’ in the center of the name Becomes ‘ㄹ + ㄹ + Vowel’.

One ‘l’ the comes prior to a collection in the middle of the name frequently becomes ㄹ + ㄹ + vowel. Because that example:Julia will certainly be created in oriental as ‘줄리아 (jullia)’.Nicolas will be written in oriental as ‘니콜라스 (nikollaseu)’.

But if ‘l’ come at the beginning of the name, the doesn’t adjust to ㄹ + ㄹ. ‘Lena’ is just ‘레나 (rena)’. If there are two Ls in the center of the name, compose it together it is. Friend don’t have to add much more ㄹ sounds. For that reason, both Gabriella and Gabriela are 가브리엘라.

K. A ‘K’ at the end of the Syllable can be one of two people ‘ㄱ’ or ‘크’.

If the joint of the surname syllable ends v ‘k’, it’s ‘ㄱ’ or ‘크’ yet ‘ㄱ’is an ext common. For example:Patrick will be composed in oriental as ‘패트릭 (paeteurik)’.Eric will be written in korean as ‘에릭 (erik)’.


2. Some korean Names Sound like English Names



We’ve gone with the basics of creating your name in Korean. However, if you’re emotion slightly lazy, don’t worry! There room some oriental names the sound specifically like surname in English that you could use as your own, there is no worrying about how to compose the consonants and vowels.

Here space some names the you can pick from–can you uncover your surname on the list?

A. Woman Names

제인 (Je-In): Jane조안 (Jo-An): Joanne미나 (Mi-Na): Mina사라 (Sa-Ra): Sara한나 (Han-Na): Hannah하나 (Ha-Na): Hana진희 (Jin-Hui): Jeanie아라 (A-Ra): Ara진 (Jin): Jean (can be offered as a masculine name)


B. Masculine Names

제이 (Je-I): Jay태빈 (Tea-Bin): Tevin이안 (I-An): Ian유진 (Yu-Jin): Eugene노아 (No-A): Noah필립 (Pil-Lip): Phillip진 (Jin): Jean (can also be used as a mrs name)

3. Choose out a korean Name for Yourself, Surname and also All!



Now if friend really desire a oriental sounding name, one fun method to do so would be to use popular Korean names. It will absolutely be a great ice breaker if girlfriend do have actually a ‘Korean’ name.


A. Do One making use of Your Birthday.

Try making use of your date of birth to come up through a korean name—here is a funny chart that you could use to come up v a surname for you yourself (and you deserve to tell everyone the you came up with your name based upon your day of birth and also year!)


For example, if you’re female and also your date of birth is September 1st, 1996, your full name would certainly be 최진희 (Choe Jin-Hui).

최진희Surname: 최 (Choe)Given Name: 진희 (Jin-Hui)

If you’re male v the exact same birthday above, September 1st, 1996, it’d be 최진훈 (Choe Jin-Hun).

최진훈Surname: 최 (Choe)Given Name: 진훈 (Jin-Hun)


B. Pick One indigenous the perform of the Most popular Names.

If you’d prefer to usage a well-known Korean name together your own, friend can find the perform of the most popular names for 2017 below.
1.하윤 (Ha-Yun)도윤 (Do-Yun)
2.지우 (Ji-Wu)예준 (Ye-Jun)
3.하린 (Ha-Rin)주원 (Ju-Won)
4.수아 (Su-A)유준 (Yu-Jun)
5.지아 (Ji-A)지호 (Ji-Ho)
6.서아 (Seo-A)준우 (Jun-U)
7.서윤 (Seo-Yun)하준 (Ha-Jun)
8.서연 (Seo-Yeon)서준 (Seo-Jun)
9.하은 (Ha-Eun)시우 (Si-U)
10.지유 (Ji-Yu)민준 (Min-Jun)

You have the right to put this names together with a surname the you think will work-related for you. You can find some that the most common surnames in Korea.
1.김 (金)Gim9,925,949
2.이 (李)I6,794,637
3.박 (朴)Bak3,895,121
4.최 (崔)Choe2,169,704
5.정 (鄭)Jeong2,010,117
6.강 (姜)Gang1,044,386
7.조 (趙)Jo984,913
8.윤 (尹)Yun948,600
9.장 (張)Jang919,339
10.임 (林)Im762,767

4. How Are oriental Names Written?



There is a famous Korean saying in Korea concerning names:

호랑이는 죽어서 가죽을 남기고 사람은 죽어서 이름이 남긴다.“A tiger will certainly die and also leave its skin, and a human will die and also leave his name”.

This is one saying the epitomizes the prestige of names to Koreans.

Although some parents will certainly forego the meaningful Chinese characters and also opt because that a pure Hangul name, you will still typically see many parents through newborns asking advice from elders or even going to ‘naming gurus’ to obtain the name that will bring ‘prosperity’ or ‘luck’ to their children. Part parents also take the moment to give their kids fetal surname ‘태명’ before they room born!

Having stated that, how is a oriental name written?

Unlike in English, where the ‘given’ name comes an initial and the ‘surname’ in ~ the end, you will write your ‘surname/family name/last surname (성)’, commonly one personality (there room some surnames v two characters), first, then your ‘given name/first name (이름), i beg your pardon is usually 2 characters). Because that example:

권지용Surname: 권 (Gwon)Given Name: 지용 (Ji-Yong)

As you can see, that is in reality not daunting to write your surname in Korean. The fastest method would it is in to inspect how your name is composed officially in Korean. You could likewise look for a oriental name the sounds comparable to yours, or even comprise a ‘Korean’ name.

Or you can ask us! We would be much more than happy to provide you a hand. Please shot writing your name the end in Hangul (and let united state know how you write and pronounce the in English) in the submission kind on the top, and also we’ll get ago to you.

Thank you for reading. 감사합니다 –It’s thank you in Korean.

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