Our mothers have actually made plenty of sacrifices because that us, so it is necessary that we constantly speak to them through respect. The indigenous you usage to do so can be various in American and also British English, though.

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Depending on wherein you live in the world, you might contact your mommy mom or mum for short. Proceed reading come learn an ext about the differences between these words.

What is the Difference in between Mom and Mum?

In this post, I will certainly compare mom vs. mum and also outline which language community uses i beg your pardon word. These examples will enable you to watch each indigenous in context. Plus, ns will show you a advantageous memory device that you have the right to use to pick either mum or mom next time you require one of this words.

When to use Mom

What does mother mean? Mom is a noun. It is a shortened kind of mother, which way a mrs parent or matriarch. Mom is an extremely common in spoken American English, but in most written contexts, mother is much more likely come appear.

For example,

“Mom, can I go to the mall with Jamie?” asked Caroline.I play many roles every day; ns am a service owner, a fitness coach, a wife, and also a mom.

When to usage Mum

What walk mum mean? Mum can be a noun or an adjective.

As one adjective, mum is a synonym of silent, choose in the phrase mum’s the word.

As a noun, mum has 2 meanings. A mum is a form of flower frequently grown because that decorative purposes. The is additionally an alternative spelling the mom, whereby it means mother.

Mom is more common in American English, when mum is an ext common in brother English. The charts listed below show the relative intake of mum vs. mom in both language communities. I have actually isolated the mother sense of mum by charting the paragraph my mommy and my mum.

American English:


British English:


These charts no scientifically specific or fully exhaustive, however, since they just graph these words in publications published in English since 1800, to the exemption of talked English and also even various other print sources. Still, they room a beneficial proxy for long-term intake trends that involve this words.

Here space some example sentences for mum.

My mum make biscuits; they’re not really good, but you can have some if you involved my house.Torquil’s mum is walk to be our chaperone on the museum field trip.

Trick come Remember the Difference

Since these words have actually the very same meanings, it deserve to be daunting to remember when to use mum or mom. Only mum is one adjective, so that is straightforward choice.

For words that method mother, your choice will count upon your intended audience. American audiences practically never use mum in this context.British audiences usage both terms, but prefer mum.

Since mum and United Kingdom both save the letter U, you can use the letter together a reminder the mum is the British version of this word.


Is it mommy or mum? Mom and mum are two spelling variants the a noun that method a woman parent.

Mum also has actually a few other meanings.Mom is the American English version.

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Mum is the british English version.