Immediate family members members in

padre: father madre: mother hijo: child hija: daughter esposo: husband esposa: wife padres: parental hermano: brother hermana: sister

Children will certainly often call their dad papá and also their mom mamá. When saying or writing these indigenous in, remember to placed the accent on the final syllable or you will certainly be saying one more word. Watch what us wrote around this here: Dad, Pope or Potato – Papa Papá

The generic name for parents in is padres. Don"t use Parientes which way relatives.

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Mis padres viven en España. (My parents live in Spain) Tengo parientes en Francia. (I have actually relatives in France)

The generic surname for brothers and also sisters in is hermanos. You don"t must say hermanos y hermanas together we carry out in English due to the fact that the indigenous hermanos has them both.

Relatives and Extended family in

tatarabuelo: great great grandfather tatarabuela: great great grandmother bisabuelo: great grand bisabuela: great grandmother abuelos: grandparents abuelo: grand abuela: grandmother nietos: grandchildren nieto: nephew nieta: nephew bisnieto: great nephew bisnieta: great granddaughter

tío: tio tía: tia primos: cousins primo: cousin (male) prima: cousin (female) sobrino: nephew sobrina: niece

The generic surname for uncles and aunts in is tios. You don"t should say tios y tias as we do in English due to the fact that the indigenous tios contains them both. The same rule applies for nephews and also nieces (sobrinos).

The In-Laws in

The in-laws space the members that the family members of her spouse (the human being you room married to) or via a marital relationship in your family:

suegro: father-in-law suegra: mother-in-law yerno: son-in-law nuera: daughter-in-law cuñado: brother-in-law cuñada: sister-in-law

The family members Mix

In some nations a person gets married much more than once. These space the terms provided to define the "new" members the the family when someone gets remarried.

padrastro: stepfather madrastra: stepmother hijastro: stepson hijastra: stepdaughter hermanastro: stepbrother hermanastra: stepsister

Sometimes among your parents it s okay married again and also they have more children. Among the parental of these youngsters is your organic father/mother. These kids are your:

medio hermano: half-brother medio hermana: half-sister

Family Members in partnership Chart


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