Saying ‘I love you’ have the right to be both scary and exciting and even much more so in a new language!There are different ways to say ‘I love you’ relying on the situation. Make sure you usage the best one.

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If you want to know exactly how to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic paragraph in Hebrew, then check out on.
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How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Hebrew

The way that friend tell someone the you love castle in Hebrew counts on your gender and the sex of the human that you’re speaking to. The listed below phrases are supplied to speak ‘I love you’ when speaking come one person:

EnglishHebrewPronunciationI love friend (female speak to a male)אני אוהבת אותךAni ohevet ot-khaI love girlfriend (male speaking to a female)אני אוהב אותךAni ohev ot-akhI love girlfriend (female speak to a female)אני אוהבת אותךAni ohevet ot-akhI love you (male speak to a male)אני אוהב אותךAni ohev ot-kha

Let’s break this down:אנ (ani) means ‘I’. This native is used for both male and female speakers.אוהב (ohev) and also אוהבת (ohevet) way ‘to love’. The first is because that a male speaker and the second is for a mrs speaker.אותך (ot-kha) and אותך (ot-akh) typical ‘you’. The an initial is for when you’re addressing a male and also the 2nd is for once you’re addressing a female.  You deserve to put these words together to to speak ‘I love you’. The word order is the very same in Hebrew together English. If you desire to speak ‘I love you’ to a group/multiple people then use these instead:EnglishHebrewPronunciationI love friend (male to every male/mixed group)אני אוהב אותכםAni ohev et-khemI love friend (male to every female group)אני אוהב אותכןAni ohev et-khenI love you (female to every male/mixed group)אני אוהבת אותכםAni ohevet et-khemI love you (female to all female group) אני אוהבת אותכןAni ohevet et-khen
Let’s rest this down:

In these phrases, you usage the occupational אותכן (et-khen) and also אותכם (et-khem) to typical ‘you’ once addressing a group. ‘Et-khen’ shows an every female group whereas ‘et-khem’ suggests an all masculine or mixed sex group. Check the end the below video clip to hear the together of these phrases:

How to Say ‘I Love girlfriend So Much’ In Hebrew

To speak ‘I love you so much’ in Hebrew, usage the same phrases as over but include the word כל כך (col cach) after ~ ‘ani’. 

E.g. Ani col cach oveh ot-akh E.g. Ani col cach ohevet ot-kha

How to Say ‘I Love girlfriend Too’ In Hebrew

To say ‘I love girlfriend too’ in Hebrew, use the very same phrases together above, but include the word גם (gam) after ‘ani’.E.g. Ani gam oveh ot-akh 

E.g. Ani gam ohevet ot-kha

How come Say ‘I miss You’ In Hebrew

Saying ‘I miss out on you’ in Hebrew additionally depends on her gender and the gender of the human you’re speaking to.EnglishHebrewPronunciationI miss you (male speaking to a female)אני מתגעגע אליךAni mitgahahgea eylayichI miss you (female speaking to a male)אני מתגעגעת אליךAni mitgahahgahat eylechaI miss you (female speak to a female)אני מתגעגעת אליךAni mitgahahgahat eylayichI miss out on you (male speaking to a male)אני מתגעגע אליךAni mitgahahgea eylecha

How to Say ‘I choose You’ In Hebrew

Saying ‘I choose you’ in Hebrew also depends on her gender and the gender of the person you’re speak to.EnglishHebrewPronunciationI prefer you (male speak to a female)אני מחבב אותךAni meh’abev ot-akhI favor you (female speak to a male)אני מחבבת אותךAni meh’abevet ot-khaI favor you (female speak to a female)אני מחבבת אותךAni meh’abevet ot-akhI like you (male speak to a male)אני מחבב אותךAni meh’abev ot-kha

Romantic paragraph in Hebrew

Try these various other romantic phrases and terms that endearment including how to to speak ‘you room beautiful’ in Hebrew.

EnglishHebrewPronunciationMy love (speaking come a female)אהובתיAhavatiMy love (speaking come a male)אהוביAhuviMy lifeחיים שליH’aim sheliYou are beautiful (speaking come a female)את יפהAt yafahYou are handsome (speaking to a male)אתה חתיךAtah khtykhSweetheart (speaking to a female)מתוקהMatokSweetheart (speaking to a male)מתוקMetuka
These phrases should come in comfortable whether you’ve obtained a love interest from Israel or even if it is you’re just visiting and want to it is in prepared. Why not likewise learn how to to speak ‘how room you?’ in Hebrew? You’ll need this crucial phrase in too many of different situations.Related posts:
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