We hope this short guide will bring you one action closer to expertise the Jamaican Patois (pronounced Pat-wah). The overview is divided into 3 sections specific greetings, responses and goodbyes. Upon perfect you’ll have actually a far better understanding of popular slangs prefer “Wah Gwaan”, “Mi deh yah” and “likkle more”. This is especially valuable if you setup on visiting Jamaica whenever soon.

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Greetings – how to greet who in Patois

Wah Gwaan / What A Gwaan / Weh Yuh Deh Pon / Wat A Guh Dung

What’s going on?

those happening?

What’s up?

every these expression typically mean the same thing and it all boils under to personal preference.

Weh Yuh up to / Weh Yuh Ah deal Wid

What room you up to?

This is another way of asking exactly how someone is doing however in this case you desire to know if they have anything planned.

Howdy execute / exactly how yuh duh / Howdeedo

just how do you do?

just how are friend doing?

While not as well-known as the ‘Wah Gwaan’ counterpart, this type of greeting achieve the very same thing however is an ext popular v the older generation.

Yuh Good

are you alright?

You’re asking if the human is ok and also if whatever is well through them.

Good Mawning / Gud Mawning – good Morning

Good night / Gud Evening – an excellent Evening

Greetings Bredren / Greetings Sistren / Greetings Empress – This is just how Rasta greet your brothers (bredren) and also sisters (sistren or empress). Please keep in mind that girlfriend don’t need to be blood related.

One Love / blessings / Hail Up – one more short and also effective means of speak ‘hello’ and also is used quite regularly by Rastas. Remember you don’t need to dread to be Rasta, because of this anyone deserve to use them.

Psst – males make this sound with their mouth to gain the attention of girls when then walk by.

Yow – Hey

Look Pon Dem example Yah – examine out this examples

: Wah gwaan mine yute, whatever gud?

: What’s walking on mine friend, how’s everything?

: Ah wat a gwaan wid di radio star? mi cyah listen nutten.

: What’s happening with the radio? i can’t listen anything.

: Howdy carry out missa Smith? A lengthy time mi nuh watch yuh.

: how are friend doing Mr. Smith? It’s been a lengthy time.

: Psst, psst. Hey gyal yuh nuh hear man a contact yuh?

: Hey girl, girlfriend don’t listen me calling you?

Responses – Responding choose a true Jamaican

Mi Deh Yah

– I’m here

Mi A Gwaan easy / Juss A Gwaan Bill

simply chilling

Kicking it back

Mi pretty / Mi Criss / Mi Gud

I’m act ok, I’m good, I’m great, I’m fine

Mi Naw deal Wid Nutten / Nutten Naw Gwaan

having actually a bad day

no doing also well

This solution is much more of a downer, i beg your pardon is offered when a human is stressed, in a poor mood or just not doing as well well at the moment.

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Everything kind Out – every is well

Everything Irie – Rastafarian way of saying whatever is quite or everything is walk well

Mi point Shell

My point is on an additional level

This response is more popular with the youths and used frequently in the reggae and dancehall space.