Calendar in Spanish

Today, stop cover some essential calendar vocabulary in Spanish. Yes, the calendar in Spanish choose the Spanish job of the week! We’ll begin off with years and also four seasons in Spanish, then move onto every the 12 month of the year. And of course, we’ll go over the days of the mainly in Spanish. Since these Spanish words room super common and also useful in any conversation, therefore let’s gain started!

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How come say “year” in Spanish?

Year año
Years años

Extra: carry out you know exactly how to say “Leap Year” in Spanish? It’s “año bisiesto.”

Note: don’t forget the tilde (~). Without it, it means a completely different thing. Girlfriend can uncover out what it method without a tilde in this post around the usual Spanish mistakes.

What is words for the season in Spanish?

Here’s exactly how to say periods in Spanish.

Season estación
Seasons estaciones

Note: the Spanish word “estación” also way “station” as in a train station, etc.

4 seasons in Spanish

Now the four seasons in Spanish. First, these are a couple of Spanish sentences you will most likely hear.

What is your favorite season?

¿Cuál es tu estación del año favorita?

My favorite season is summer.

Mi estación favorita es verano.

I like spring.

Me gusta la premavera.

Note: In Spanish, “la, las, el, los (the)” are provided when it’s referring to a thing or things in a basic way. You can learn more about the special intake of the Spanish short articles that is no in English here.

Spring primavera
Summer verano
Autumn/Fall otoño
Winter invierno


Month” the the year in Spanish

Month mes
Months meses

12 months in Spanish


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Months in Spanish

Are months in Spanish capitalized?

Unlike in English, the first letter of each month is notcapitalized in Spanish. I understand it looks type of weird, but there’s no require tocapitalize the month in Spanish.

How come say the days of the week in Spanish?


Days of the main in Spanish

First, exactly how do you speak “Day” in Spanish?

Day día
Days días

Spanish days of the week

Now all the days of the week in Spanish…and notice the first letter the the days space not capitalized in Spanish.

Monday el lunes
Tuesday el martes
Wednesday el miércoles
Thursday el jueves
Friday el viernes
Saturday el sábado
Sunday el domingo

How to say weekend in Spanish?

Now, that wouldn’t desire to talk about weekends, right?

the weekend el fin de semana
the weekends los fines de semana
Holiday día festivo, día feriado
lengthy weekend (e.g., 3-day weekend) un puente

Note: as you probably have actually noticed that the word for a weekend in Spanish is a little bit longer 보다 the English equivalent. In a colloquial conversation, many world say “un finde” (a weekend) instead of “un fin de semana”, specifically in Spain.

What is the an initial day that the mainly in Spanish?

In the Spanish calendar, the very first day that the mainly is Monday (lunes). However, some Mexican calendars show Sunday together the an initial day.

Note: In Spanish, the days of the week and months are notcapitalized.

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To finish the Calendar in Spanish

Now you can say days and also months in Spanish to talk around your plans, what friend did, once something happens, etc. You deserve to talk about your day-to-day routine making use of the job of the main Spanish or your take trip plans making use of months or seasons in Spanish as well. If girlfriend haven’t inspect out our post around Daily regimen in Spanish, you re welcome head ~ above over ideal now! We also have a post about 30 Spanish Conversation Starters, so don’t forget to visit the article as well. Fine list few of the related write-ups below.

Happy Spanish-ing!

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Calendar in Spanish

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